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Dario Plevnik of Croatia

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Dario Plevnik lives in Croatia and is well known all over Europe for his fine guitar playing and songwriting. Dario has been featured as our Artist Of The Month for March, 2010. If you have not read this article, please get over there and find out why we love Mr Plevnik and his music.


James Dean Fisher

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A couple weeks back we told you about Mr Fisher joining our staff and working with Editor, Eric Normand. Today in the DGT, you can get to know James a little starting off on the Home Page ” Music City Is My Home “.Our own James Dean

James actually has resided in Nashville for over thirty years and has some pretty “darn good” workingman’s insights about life around Music City. He knows what it takes to be there and live a good life. James pulls no punches and tells it like it is. That’s what we like about him. Check him out today!

How Was Your Gig?

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Did you make them dance or did you make them feel or think? Either way, movement and / or thought is equally significant.

Ready for the weekend?

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One thing is certain, and that is that music never stops. When the rest of the world punches out on Friday at 5,¬† many¬† musicians are tuning and preparing for the weekend gigs. Others are on tour or playing seven nights a week and only wish they could rest and recover a few days. Still, some are thinking of that great idea that”s been spinning around their head lately. The birth of a new song is just about to happen.

Whoever and wherever you may be this weekend, let the music flow. Be creative and be your best. Millions of others only wish they could do what you do. It’s a gift, have fun with it!

Music Reviews

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Would you like to be featured in Just ask us. Write to:

Derek prepared for SXSW

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Many of you are following Derek Sivers and know of his presentation at SXSW. For those who were not in attendance Derek says that it took over 60 hours of prep time for his presentation. Some of you gave short videos where you talked about the value of music conferences, and what you might have learned or gain from them- as requested by Derek a couple weeks back. Out the the 60+ he was only able to use around 20 of them and there was a lot of editing he had to do. I’ll just bet he was great up on that stage and shared a lot of powerful information.Once again, Mr Sivers is out there making a difference for musicians and artists around the globe! We’ll let you know as soon as we have more info from Derek’s experience at the 2010 SXSW.

Derek Sivers speaks at SXSW

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The voice for Indie music

Derek is opening the festivities today in Austin. Hope to hear from him soon and get the updates. Next year we’ll be there.