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Songwriter Eddy James Happy Birthday!

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With his dynamic and prolific release – ” I Peed Next To Elvis “, Eddy James took the world of Indie by silent storm a couple years back. Few people know the true identity of Eddy, where he comes from or his exact whereabouts today, but we at happen to know it’s Eddy’s birthday. Eddy, we say thank you for all those wacky, crazy and entertaining masterpieces like ” You Can’t Dance With Poop In Your Pants” and ” Fluffy On The Freeway “. The world eagerly awaits your next CD. Happy Birthday to ya!!!TV Star Eddy JamesEDDY’S WEBSITE


Great time for musicians

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Summertime is excellent for those of us who like to travel and also for performing outdoors at events in front of masses of people. I’m out here on the wets coast ( yes I said ” wets ” ) getting ready for some shows I’ve had planned for a while. We’re all happy to be playing anytime but there’s just something special about Summer that makes the guitar-pickin’ fingers work a little better me thinks! I invite your comments.
Bruce Maier/dgt

Jamaica can breathe again!

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In regard to our recent posting about the unrest in Jamaica it is with great joy we say that the kingpin, the leader of darkness and the main cause of all this violence has been captured today!

So much of the livelihood of Jamaicans depends upon the beautiful music which recently had become stifled in the bottleneck of drug war lords and the ensuing violence they have brought down upon the good people of this Island nation. But that all made a turn for the better this day as ” Coke ” now finds himself behind bars.

Let the music play and let the children dance! Jamaica lives again!

Visit Eric Normand’s website

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Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you know that our friend and Nashville Editor, Eric Normand has his own great website and Blog. This is great reading folks.

Guitarist, working musician, author and blogger.

Eric brings his insights and experiences from the past and the present together as only a true working musician could do. I personally love his music ideas and some of the tips like correct usage of ” Vibrato “. So check out today!

Women who inspire me today

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Usually I like to talk strictly about music or what’s going on at the DGT but today I want to just say that there are a few young women in this world today who truly inspire me, and that would be Orianthi, Danica Patrick and young Abby Sunderland. Each of these three ladies has raised the bar and cut through all the crap of a ” man’s world “, which it’s not…we are all equal. I’ve been reading Blogs and forums lately on these three people and there’s a common disheartening thread of sexism going on, as if men and some other women think that women’s only place is at home, cooking meat and making babies. Get over it guys – the world is growing up and there’s no place for antiquated thinking anymore. I’m not just some glassy-eyed enamored fan of any of these three mentioned . Oh no, it’s more than that. They are my heroes in a modern world. Orianthi wields the Paul Reed Smith guitar like a weapon of mass perfection! And even if you don’t like her style of guitar playing you have to admit she’s a world class pop singer with an incredible voice. Do you think she hasn’t had to overcome some barriers in the business because she’s a girl? Then, Danica Patrick takes all the guff that the chewing rednecks of Indy and Nascar can dish out, and is ready to stand up and kick some ass to the pavement if provoked, but not because she’s a little hot head. Because she has to fight every day of her life to keep men from oppressing her drive to become the top woman ever in the world of auto racing.She’s got a great start on it with finishes in the top 2 to 6 in the last couple races and she’s got a great crew, car and sponsors behind her who believe in her. Hell, are you kidding? She’s going to make all them old buzzards famous someday! Last but not least, Abby Sunderland who at the age of sixteen has now accomplished more than most men of seventy have ever done. A worldly sailor in her rightful place out there in the ocean, braving nature and against all odds, surviving. We haven’t heard the last from our Dear Abby of the new age. She’s bound to become a commander of probably the first wave of ships to mars and beyond. Mark my words. Magellan and Columbus didn’t plot new courses for the world because they sat at home playing games or getting drunk with their useless friends. They went out and made something of themselves. And that’s what it’s about folks – making the best of this life and doing something to contribute. So, who’s your heroes? I’d love to hear from you.


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Jamaica, the fine neighbor to the America’s has recently been under siege. The civil unrest and the murders taking place primarily in Kingston has created a state of emergency for the innocent citizens and particularly the musicians and artists who live there. The two primary sources of income are through tourism and the arts which up until now have always flourished there. But truth be told, the sale and exportation of illegal drugs had created another huge cash crop, and of course there are those who manage and control that drug industry – evil individuals who will stop at nothing including murder to insure their profit streams.

Damn Good Tunes made a vow in the beginning that we would always just be about the music, that we would leave the politics and religion to The Rolling Stoners of the world, but as we have evolved we became attuned to the fact that when an ideology or government body or a cultural territorial drug-war inhibits the freedoms and the livelihood of the artists and musicians who suffer, then that is also relevant news. Actually good journalism practice is to report on those very things that keep music from finding it’s way to the world.So,we have an obligation to fulfill to you, the readers.
Our WORLD MUSIC reporter, Parris has recently told us that she has lost three good friends in Jamaica who were brilliant musicians – lost to this terrible time of the drug wars and unrest in Kingston.

Join us this month as Parris, our “Ms. P” reports on the real music news of the world in a way of truth and refinement like no other. She was born there and it is these proud Jamaicans who hold her homeland for her return again someday. Watch for this report in