Songwriter Eddy James Happy Birthday!

With his dynamic and prolific release – ” I Peed Next To Elvis “, Eddy James took the world of Indie by silent storm a couple years back. Few people know the true identity of Eddy, where he comes from or his exact whereabouts today, but we at happen to know it’s Eddy’s birthday. Eddy, we say thank you for all those wacky, crazy and entertaining masterpieces like ” You Can’t Dance With Poop In Your Pants” and ” Fluffy On The Freeway “. The world eagerly awaits your next CD. Happy Birthday to ya!!!TV Star Eddy JamesEDDY’S WEBSITE


One Response to “Songwriter Eddy James Happy Birthday!”

  1. Dear Eddy Sorry I missed your special day but then every day is special isn’t it ?

    I recall this quote by a very bright first lady…
    Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962)

    ” Yesterday is history, tomorrowi is a mystery, and today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present.’

    I wish you a happy year and I remember …you wrote it,
    ‘You can’t dance with poop in your pants’


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