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Two Great New Bands

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Today we feature two excellent new bands from the Pacific Northwest and both are excellent!
From South Surrey BC just outside of Vancouver comes the Compound Blues Band, a hot Blues-Rock group that’s been around for a long time and still approaches the music with passion- as it should be!
Next we have The Paul Keller Band from Napavine Washington. Paul’s excellent vocals and stage presence is complimented not only by his guitar playing but also by the great original songs he produces and performs live, every night.Paul’s CD is already out and you can find out more about the record and The Paul Keller Band right now.Go to for the whole story today!



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This is an excerpt from the latest in and was written by James Dean FisherVIEW OF NASHVILLE AREA MAY 2010THANK YOU middle TENNESSEE, WE WILL SURVIVE! The city of Nashville and the suburban cities felt the pain, a pain that will take years to recover from. The industry is back up and running today and the venues are open for business now and the people in the Nashville, Music city area have themselves and the people in the surrounding area to thank for all the help. With everyone pitching in and working as one people and one body to recover and restore a city to it’s greatness, Nashville, Music City is BACK! We are OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!

The economy here is still in great shape and with the help of all the great people that make up the vast area called middle Tennessee, we as a huge community will make it an even greater city and a stronger place for the music industry to thrive in the future. As we have shown in the past six plus weeks, we are a fighting bunch of people here. A river or most anything else will not keep us down for long! We will survive and become even bigger and better for the musicians and people that want to come here and make Nashville, Tennessee, Music City their home.

James Dean Fisher invites your comments to be directed to

Coming This Week: After The Floods and more!

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James Dean Fisher will be bringing us the latest updates on the plight of Nashville Tennessee residents after the recent devastating floods. James is a thirty-five year adopted native of Music City and has seen a lot of things while living there, but nothing as destructive as the flood of 2010. It’s hard to imagine that many of the city’s musicians actually lost all their equipment – guitars, pianos, virtually everything they used to make a living. Check in with us as we bring you James D Fisher’s account of this tragedy.


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On damngoodtunes we added a nice and fun little feature that a lot of our readers really love: HOROSCOPE DAILY with Linda C. Black
Please stop in and get your free horoscope today. Maybe this is exactly the right time in your life to make that change, move to LA or to invest in that new piece of equipment you want for the studio.Whatever it is, you may find the answers here. Linda C. Black is a noted and experienced professional and she lays it all out in a simple way that everyone can understand. Highly recommended!


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Bruce Maier here hoping that everyone in the US who celebrates the 4th of July, our Independence Day, has had a great time and safe return from their destinations and extended holiday weekend.

The fourth of July is a time for families and friends to gather for food, fun and sometimes a few libations.And nothing can make the festivities brighter than a live band in the park or in the amphitheater, playing the Blues, Hard Rockin’, Country Boogie or Smooth Jazz. Of course I’m sure that all forms of music are represented during this time, so whatever you’re into was probably happening somewhere and you had yourself a blast!

Music is a vital part of any celebration. It is part of our social fiber and extends throughout the worldwide community of mankind. Without music, I fear that life would be rather boring. Sometimes I’ve pondered the possibility that aliens from other worlds actually have no rhythm or sense of melody, and it is because of our human gift of these attributes that they frequent us – so they may get close, feel the beat and hear the noise. Perhaps the little guys are learning to dance and have learned how to copy us and jam to alien karaoke! Imagine the possibilities!However you cut it, music is a universal language that transcends racial and cultural barriers and knows no caste. What a privilege it is to be one of the humans who can play and sing and entertain. I never take this for granted and am proud of what I do. Yesterday I played a show in front of thousands of people celebrating their 4th of July in grand American fashion with hot dogs, hamburgers, live music, demolition derby and fireworks. After our show was over and I returned home I took a rather deep breath and thanked our Creator for allowing me to do what I do, playing music, writing songs and serving others to the best of my ability.

After the celebration, I’m still me and you’re still you. We all have much to do to make this planet and this life a degree better each day but isn’t it sweet that music enhances the human experience? After the celebration, life itself is always a reason to celebrate again and again.

Vancouver BC – The next Music Capital

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I had the good fortune of being invited to the Vancouver British Columbia area for a weekend of Blues and fun a few days ago. As a guest of The Compound Blues Band, I was treated to two nights of the best jamming I have experienced in years! Once a year the CBB throws a rather elite RSVP party for the best musicians of the region which included recording artists who have released CDs or are currently in production.These were all top drawer players who have been around and who know how to play music together on the drop of a dime, without a single formal rehearsal, keeping it both fun and progressive.We will be covering the entire story in and updating our posts on this event right here so please stay tuned. There’s much going on in Canada with music and we plan to be there to report on the talent of these kind and hearty people, our Brothers and Sisters to the North.