Vancouver BC – The next Music Capital

I had the good fortune of being invited to the Vancouver British Columbia area for a weekend of Blues and fun a few days ago. As a guest of The Compound Blues Band, I was treated to two nights of the best jamming I have experienced in years! Once a year the CBB throws a rather elite RSVP party for the best musicians of the region which included recording artists who have released CDs or are currently in production.These were all top drawer players who have been around and who know how to play music together on the drop of a dime, without a single formal rehearsal, keeping it both fun and progressive.We will be covering the entire story in and updating our posts on this event right here so please stay tuned. There’s much going on in Canada with music and we plan to be there to report on the talent of these kind and hearty people, our Brothers and Sisters to the North.


2 Responses to “Vancouver BC – The next Music Capital”

  1. Freddie the Sax Says:

    Hi Bruce;
    I was playing at the Marine Pub in Burnaby last evening and the music as always was fabulous. The entire Compound Blues Band attended, and played a great set. I was thinking of you, the horns kicked in 1 alto,2 tenors, & a trumpet and the motown sound never sounded so good.
    I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to play with you at both the Compound Blues annual function and also at the Marine Pub the following day. It was a wonderful experience, and I Look forward to seeing and performing with you in the future.
    Cheers Freddie M.

    • Freddie; Likewise my friend. It was a great experience for me and you guys were all such great players – to be able to connect on such a level as we did, as though we’d all known each other all our lives, that’s why being a musician is nothing short of magical. I look forward to coming back in the near future.

      Bruce Maier

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