Ground Zero Faith

Thank you Eric Normand for the commentary about Ground Zero Mosque. I would like to share my comments with the world on this one:

Eric; That was one of the most moving and dynamic commentaries I have ever seen! I usually stay away from forums and comments in the web of gloom however, lately I have found myself speaking up more for America and peace, harmony for all citizens of the world. Should we ever have the time to sit down for a few hours I could go on and on about the oppression of good people throughout history, and whether it is acceptable to march into someone else’s continent and take all which they love and believe in from them in the name of our God. And now to see the attack on the Muslim people, their children in the schools by other youth who have learned from their elders to hate. This is shameful Eric and it must be stopped!
What I say now is we all have to ” engage ” in peace games, not war games. The more we talk about and act upon the idea of peace, the more prevalent peace will become. It matters not if you are in the mountains of Afghanistan or you are in command of western or Euro forces, our little wars need to end. There is evidence that the twisted leader of N. Korea is insane enough to fire off a few nukes in a mass-murder suicide attempt against the rest of the world. Radiation and environmental devastation would last for over a decade and will effect everyone and every living thing on this planet. We cannot let this happen, we must work toward peace. It is not right to advance into someone else’s land and take it from them or to try and change their ideologies in 2010 any more than it was acceptable in the 12th-18th Centuries. So we must not. But, we must reach out to the world and spread a message of peace, so that Buddhists, Hindu,Muslims, Christians, Jews and all faiths may live together and build the future of mankind together, not destroy it.
I am an optimist Eric. I believe we can do this and that we will. My grand-children drive my faith in mankind and my hopes for their future. We as parents and grand-parents must ” Teach your children well ” as Crosby, Stills and Nash once said, followed by ” All we are saying, Is give peace a chance “. Lennon


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