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On Derek Sivers

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Derek Sivers of Muckwork, Now Now Now

Derek Sivers has accomplished more in his past twenty years than most will do in fifty. He has traveled the world as a professional musician, written, produced and recorded his own music and the music of others, founded the now famous CD Baby and Host Baby and then again reinvented himself. Now as the founder of Muckwork and Now Now Now, Derek is highly sought after as a consultant and speaker at Film Festivals, intellectual conferences such as TED and he is at the top of the ” A ” list for who’s who in the leading music industry events of the world. But the Derek Sivers I know is the guy who actually answered my personal letters when he was at the helm of CD Baby. Brief but extremely caring, I sensed that this was a man and a company who really had concern and empathy for all us ” little people “, the independent songwriters of the world. And so, Derek became one of my inspirations for the creation of my web magazine,, because I always thought we were on the same wave length in a way, that it was never about ourselves or our little companies, it was all about the music. And so it is.

Read Derek’s Blog and explore his websites today!
Bruce Maier



How Long, The Dream?

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How Long the Dream?

When Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 entered onto the Billboard Magazine’s Top 10 list in 1970, Michael was eleven years old. Stevie Wonder was thirteen when his big break onto the charts came, and since then there were only Hanson, Miley Cyrus, and LeAnn Rimes who have ever been in such company. Until now that is. Enter 10-year-old “veteran” singer Jackie Evancho .
Little Miss Evancho, who captured the heart of the nation on this past season’s “ AMERICA’S GOT TALENT “ and took a respective second place earning a seat in history becoming the youngest Opera singer in the world to have ever won a televised contest ! And she moved this writer to tears and OK, the rest of you men who watched her week after week are a bunch of liars. ( Go put your camouflaged hunting vest on and go open a beer. I’ll be there in a minute! ) Anyway back to my story; Jackie Evancho is not just a mediocre singer or even a very good singer, she is a vocalist who has displayed a talent level that to some may be the living proof of reincarnation, perhaps channeling the long since passed voice of someone such as the great Jenny Lind, who left this earth in 1887. (spooky music rolls up and fades…) All kidding aside, Jackie Evancho is a real little girl from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and she’s only been singing for a few years
but she possesses the voice of an Angel, and one’s demeanor for she is one of the sweetest, kindest and humble little big stars America has ever seen.
Jackie Evancho entered into the Billboard Magazine’s Top Ten this week at number two with her DEBUT EP “ OH HOLY NIGHT “, making her the youngest artist in history to have ever achieved so much in so little time. You see, little Jackie has a dream, a dream that is with her from every moment of each day, not just when she sleeps. She dreams to sing. She doesn’t dream to be wealthy and famous rather she actually shares a common dream with me, millions of others and the dream-focus at The dream is not about the money or the notoriety. It’s all about the music.
Jackie Evancho has begun her journey and, like Jenny Lind she will travel to all continents and people of all faiths and languages will embrace her and fill their Royal Albert and Carnegie Halls because this little Angel has come to bring sweet and powerful music to the world.
How long will the dream last? A lifetime and beyond. Someday when our descendants are touching their fingers to the mere thin air, there will appear a 3-D screen with a page open for dictionary of music. And where it gives the definition of greatest vocalists of the world, there will be Jackie Evancho and Jenny Lind alongside one another. Lucky for us our “Jenny” has the advantage of television, radio and the internet to be seen all over the globe in an instant, unlike Ms Lind who, despite her disadvantages and lack of technology of the times was able to earn millions and to have lived and appreciated life. Jackie Evancho will also earn the good life and that is a beautiful thing, but she will never give up the dream no matter how long it takes.
Like England’s amazing phenomenon Susan Boyle whose album “ I Dared To Dream “ also took the world by a storm this last year, our Miss Evancho has now inspired countless thousands of young singers to work even harder at their dream. Dreams really do come true for those who work hard, practice often, laugh and have fun with the journey. And it’s also OK to be a kid, whether you’re ten or ninety-two. But you have to keep dreaming, no matter how long it takes.

Jackie Evancho

By Bruce Maier


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Stars are talking…and what do they say? Find out today in our most fun feature called
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When we were re-designing our website we realized that readers love
to be entertained and even sidetracked. As a publisher though we try
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The Recording Academy

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Last evening writer Firelyn and I attended an incredible event in Seattle, hosted by London Bridge Studio and presented by the Pacific NW Chapter of the Grammy association and also the Producers & Engineers Wing. In spite of the fact there was much to see and do and we met some of the top people in the Northwest recording arts scene, it would be 15 time Grammy award winning producer Phil Ramone who met with us via webinar in real time. This writer has been aware of Mr Ramone’s work for over forty years but I had no idea what a kind soul and compassionate man he is. He made many points in his over one hour talk with our group but the one thing that sticks out for me is that he talked about the songwriters, the artists and even the guy who delivered the concrete ( to make the building ) were important to him, for without them he would not have a job. So he shows everyone equal respect, patience and his 110% effort. Good lesson for all of us.
The event was put on by the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Grammy Association and I would have to say I have not met a finer group of people assembled in one place for an evening than this group, including the wonderful full-time staff and the interns at London Bridge Studio. No one had an ego…OK no one had a fat head! Everyone was cool and relaxed and eager to meet everyone and make us all feel at home. Firelyn managed to interview a few of the folks there and she was also treated to an eyeful of Gold and Platinum records on the wall, earned by such groups as Pearl Jam, Sound Garden and Three Doors Down.
This was a great night for as we made lots of new friends and professional contacts. Hats off also to Marianne McGuire and Carol Crane of Seven Stones productions who were also in attendance. As the weeks follow we will be interviewing many of these people we have mentioned. For the time being I would urge you all to go to GRAMMY.COM and find out what the Grammy Association is all about for yourself. Great bunch of folks making this world a little brighter each day with music. Now that’s what I’m talking about!
Bruce J Maier

Tales In The Honky-Tonks……

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Tales In The Honky-Tonks of Music City, Nashville Tennessee
By James Dean Fisher
November, 2010
Music City USA is a large southern city sitting in the middle of the country where a large percentage of the music recorded for radio and television is created and marketed. Many of the “hits” heard on the radio is and has been recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. The entertainment and recording industries work hand in hand with the writers, engineers and producers and musicians to get the songs and music recorded and out to the public. GAC and many other outlets play the songs for the music listing audience and music sales. This part of the music scene in Music City is the talk of many listeners and music buyers, yet, many of them never see how the music is recorded or where and know little about how it gets to the buying public. Music City is the heart of the industry but it is also the home of thousands of musicians that work in the industry and the road. They consist of singers, pickers, writers, roadies and engineers, producers and people that sell the products and sell tickets. Nashville is a melting pot for the mix that make up the music industry and the entertainment community called “Music City.”
( Read the rest of Jame’s story in today! )

Pacific Northwest Music News

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We welcome yet another new feature to our ever-expanding lineup, with veteran Northwest native Rocky Nelson. Mr. Nelson who grew up in Lewis County in western Washington has been a senior journalist for the Washington Blues Society for a number of years and brings us a dedicated passion for all music that’s good, especially the Blues! When Rocky is not writing for us he can be seen in another role bringing the amenities of a better lifestyle to people in foreign lands.

Rappers in Iran Arrested

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Music makers and beat makers around the world. Be happy if your country and your society allow you to express yourselves without fear of prosecution. Except for a pretty fair deal with the US censorship laws where artists here must disclose on the CD label if the nature of the lyrical content may be adult or graphic, we are free because we have freedom of speech . Not so in Iran where today a group of young aspiring rap artists have been arrested and also confiscating “ western style instruments “. Oh my God ( Allah) these kids might be using guitars, drum machines and synthesizers to initiate a cou d’etat !

No beats for you!

Yes and they were having a little alcohol to set the mood while they were uploading music through the internet and illegal satellite networks. Hey Iran, get a life and join the twenty-first century! Young people love music and although some of us older people don’t understand the lyrics or the messages it’s not a revolution going on. It’s simply expression and every human being needs to express. In all fairness to our Iranian brothers and sisters ( all equals to us, sorry if not to you ) it is true these kids were using abandoned homes to run their “ operation “ and there may have been some violations of laws or ordinances they should have complied with. However, there was probably no such type of an arts and media center in which they could write, produce, record and upload music and develop their skills into something that just may someday earn them a living. Reading that the local police chief there said these kids were using “trashy, juvenile and street-like words and phrases that have no place in proper grammar,” almost makes me want to laugh except that I now these kids are in for a terrible ordeal. Because girls in Iran have been raped while in jail awaiting a hearing, I don’t trust any of their authorities. And because the entire justice system hasn’t been updated since the Achaemenid Empire of 300BC, the rest of the world for the most part views as barbaric. These kids don’t stand a fair shot at justice for their “ crimes “. I urge the world of readers to investigate this story, share it, post in forums and protest this action against a group of young people , very much like yourselves. Music is the universal language. The beat will set you free!