The Recording Academy

Last evening writer Firelyn and I attended an incredible event in Seattle, hosted by London Bridge Studio and presented by the Pacific NW Chapter of the Grammy association and also the Producers & Engineers Wing. In spite of the fact there was much to see and do and we met some of the top people in the Northwest recording arts scene, it would be 15 time Grammy award winning producer Phil Ramone who met with us via webinar in real time. This writer has been aware of Mr Ramone’s work for over forty years but I had no idea what a kind soul and compassionate man he is. He made many points in his over one hour talk with our group but the one thing that sticks out for me is that he talked about the songwriters, the artists and even the guy who delivered the concrete ( to make the building ) were important to him, for without them he would not have a job. So he shows everyone equal respect, patience and his 110% effort. Good lesson for all of us.
The event was put on by the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Grammy Association and I would have to say I have not met a finer group of people assembled in one place for an evening than this group, including the wonderful full-time staff and the interns at London Bridge Studio. No one had an ego…OK no one had a fat head! Everyone was cool and relaxed and eager to meet everyone and make us all feel at home. Firelyn managed to interview a few of the folks there and she was also treated to an eyeful of Gold and Platinum records on the wall, earned by such groups as Pearl Jam, Sound Garden and Three Doors Down.
This was a great night for as we made lots of new friends and professional contacts. Hats off also to Marianne McGuire and Carol Crane of Seven Stones productions who were also in attendance. As the weeks follow we will be interviewing many of these people we have mentioned. For the time being I would urge you all to go to GRAMMY.COM and find out what the Grammy Association is all about for yourself. Great bunch of folks making this world a little brighter each day with music. Now that’s what I’m talking about!
Bruce J Maier


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