How Long, The Dream?

How Long the Dream?

When Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 entered onto the Billboard Magazine’s Top 10 list in 1970, Michael was eleven years old. Stevie Wonder was thirteen when his big break onto the charts came, and since then there were only Hanson, Miley Cyrus, and LeAnn Rimes who have ever been in such company. Until now that is. Enter 10-year-old “veteran” singer Jackie Evancho .
Little Miss Evancho, who captured the heart of the nation on this past season’s “ AMERICA’S GOT TALENT “ and took a respective second place earning a seat in history becoming the youngest Opera singer in the world to have ever won a televised contest ! And she moved this writer to tears and OK, the rest of you men who watched her week after week are a bunch of liars. ( Go put your camouflaged hunting vest on and go open a beer. I’ll be there in a minute! ) Anyway back to my story; Jackie Evancho is not just a mediocre singer or even a very good singer, she is a vocalist who has displayed a talent level that to some may be the living proof of reincarnation, perhaps channeling the long since passed voice of someone such as the great Jenny Lind, who left this earth in 1887. (spooky music rolls up and fades…) All kidding aside, Jackie Evancho is a real little girl from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and she’s only been singing for a few years
but she possesses the voice of an Angel, and one’s demeanor for she is one of the sweetest, kindest and humble little big stars America has ever seen.
Jackie Evancho entered into the Billboard Magazine’s Top Ten this week at number two with her DEBUT EP “ OH HOLY NIGHT “, making her the youngest artist in history to have ever achieved so much in so little time. You see, little Jackie has a dream, a dream that is with her from every moment of each day, not just when she sleeps. She dreams to sing. She doesn’t dream to be wealthy and famous rather she actually shares a common dream with me, millions of others and the dream-focus at The dream is not about the money or the notoriety. It’s all about the music.
Jackie Evancho has begun her journey and, like Jenny Lind she will travel to all continents and people of all faiths and languages will embrace her and fill their Royal Albert and Carnegie Halls because this little Angel has come to bring sweet and powerful music to the world.
How long will the dream last? A lifetime and beyond. Someday when our descendants are touching their fingers to the mere thin air, there will appear a 3-D screen with a page open for dictionary of music. And where it gives the definition of greatest vocalists of the world, there will be Jackie Evancho and Jenny Lind alongside one another. Lucky for us our “Jenny” has the advantage of television, radio and the internet to be seen all over the globe in an instant, unlike Ms Lind who, despite her disadvantages and lack of technology of the times was able to earn millions and to have lived and appreciated life. Jackie Evancho will also earn the good life and that is a beautiful thing, but she will never give up the dream no matter how long it takes.
Like England’s amazing phenomenon Susan Boyle whose album “ I Dared To Dream “ also took the world by a storm this last year, our Miss Evancho has now inspired countless thousands of young singers to work even harder at their dream. Dreams really do come true for those who work hard, practice often, laugh and have fun with the journey. And it’s also OK to be a kid, whether you’re ten or ninety-two. But you have to keep dreaming, no matter how long it takes.

Jackie Evancho

By Bruce Maier


9 Responses to “How Long, The Dream?”

  1. I couldn’t agree more.
    Jackie Evancho is one or the brightest shining stars of our time.
    What a wonderful inspiration for all other artists and for all of us out here no matter what our ages.

    Jackie is one of our very top performers in history.

    Thanks to you, Bruce for this special report

  2. bob sabatino Says:

    One of the best reviews I’ve read about Jackie Evancho. I am 75 years old and I too tear up watching and listening to her sing. It’s pure magic.
    It doesn’t matter what kind of music your into, listening to her voice is all that matters, no matter what she sings.

    • Bob; I know. There is something about how her delivery of this music how it touches the soul in such a pure way. I watched the performance with Sarah Briteman and Jackie together on Idol doing ” Time To Say Goodbye ” it hit me deeply as it had the first time I heard Ms Briteman sing it, but this time it was extremely spiritual. At least for me. I pray that Jackie Evancho will have a long and successful career and will inspire millions of children and music enthusiasts in the coming years. Bob, thank you for your comments and please stop by anytime. Bruce

    • Bob; I am so sorry it took so long to replay, as I didn’t even see this part of my account until now. Oh well! Yes, I am still following the works of this amazing little Angel. She won the hearts of my whole family and we will always be her fans.

  3. sheryl miner Says:

    Great stuff! I enjoy your writing style and enthusiam.

  4. sheryl miner Says:

    Great stuff! I enjoy your writing style and enthusiasm.

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