On Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers of Muckwork, Now Now Now

Derek Sivers has accomplished more in his past twenty years than most will do in fifty. He has traveled the world as a professional musician, written, produced and recorded his own music and the music of others, founded the now famous CD Baby and Host Baby and then again reinvented himself. Now as the founder of Muckwork and Now Now Now, Derek is highly sought after as a consultant and speaker at Film Festivals, intellectual conferences such as TED and he is at the top of the ” A ” list for who’s who in the leading music industry events of the world. But the Derek Sivers I know is the guy who actually answered my personal letters when he was at the helm of CD Baby. Brief but extremely caring, I sensed that this was a man and a company who really had concern and empathy for all us ” little people “, the independent songwriters of the world. And so, Derek became one of my inspirations for the creation of my web magazine, damngoodtunes.com, because I always thought we were on the same wave length in a way, that it was never about ourselves or our little companies, it was all about the music. And so it is.

Read Derek’s Blog and explore his websites today!
Bruce Maier

Derek Sivers.org


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  1. Thanks Bruce! I really appreciate it. 🙂

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