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Hi everyone! We’ve been talking about the ABOLITIONIST TOUR in the DGT lately and in here at WordPress. Thought I’d pass on to you that I’ve found a new blog that someone just started recently and it looks like they could use some help and feedback so I left a comment. Would be nice if you could too. It is called HELP FIND ME and it’s about missing persons, both adult and children.Some of these children that we hear about are unfortunately sold into the horrible child sex-trade, as is reported on the Abolitionist Tour video on our site. Still, others are abducted by someone the victim actually is close with and trusts. No two cases are the same but it is certain that if you are a parent it is your worst nightmare to have a child just vanish. So go on and check this new blog out. Give ’em some support! Thanks for your time.



One Response to “Check this new blog”

  1. This is the best news I have read for missing persons, children and adults. If one person that might read these stories decides to speak of just the slightest clue, although it may not have seemed important at the time the missing were last seen, then we can begin to accomplish.

    I would urge anyone, if you know anything , no matter how trivial it may seem, one slight rememberance, could help bring a missing loved one home again where it is warm and safe.

    I would also like to add when looking through the pictures of the missing, think of how they might look today. There clothing might be different, their hair color and style, they could be wearing makeup of the opposite sex.
    …and when you take photos of your chidlren or loved ones, take them in natural attire, also take several pictures with various expressions.

    A missing person is not a happy camper, they wont look the same as the poster or news clip picture.

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