Wherever there are people, there is music and wherever there is music, is there to report on the people who create it. In just a little over a year we have witnessed the terrible floods of Nashville and much of the Southeast and Central parts of the states, flooding and storms in Europe and unprecedented fires in places such as Australia and now in Texas.

The recent tsunami following the earthquakes of Japan left tens of thousands dead and hundreds of thousands homeless. It would seem there is no place on earth that will be spared from it’s own destiny of natural or man-made dissasters and the music there will come to a temporary halt.

Music is such a vital part of mankind’s existence and time on this earth. Poetry and song have long reflected the pain and the suffering of our planet’s people for we are a recording creature who finds value in transcribing the events of our lives into verse and succession of tones.

It is from the very heart of woman and man that we are able to feel and think, reflect and tell the tales of our lives. It is not always a happy song we sing and it will not be a happy time these next few weeks and months ahead for the people of Alabama and the other southern and coastal states which have been attacked brutaly by the
hands of mother nature.

Join with us here at DGT and send your prayers to the people who have been affected by these incredible tornados and storms. Contact your local Red Cross and other charities and ask them what you can do to help. May the songs of The South play sweetly once again soon.



  1. May God Bless all the people who have been affected by the terrible weather the last few weeks. May He lay His healing hands upon those who survive, and welcome those who have been taken home to be with Him. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • James; Thak you for this. I know that having faith may be the only thing that will help these folks cope with what has happened to them. The rest of us can offer prayers, financial and physical support. Thank you for your comments. Please check into our blog more often James.

      • Loida F. Ligad Says:

        Yes, Bruce. We all are devastated on whats happening around the world.That’s the reason why I left Las Vegas for 8 months to
        become a missionary.
        My prayers goes to everybody that are strickened and affected
        by these terrible tornadoes & storms.
        Please keep a good faith & strong courage!!!
        Blessings to all !!!

        For Miracles & Success,
        Loida Ligad

  2. Beautifully stated, Bruce. Thanks for expressing what so many of us are feeling.

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