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Damn Good Tunes now CD Baby affiliate !

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This is some pretty outstanding news for artists in music, as well as for ourselves as we just launched our newest affiliation today with one of the largest and most respected CD sales and digital download partners in the world, CD BABY!
What this means for our readers is that we can now offer some of the greatest and best new music ever released. Rather than going to CD Baby and digging through millions of bands and solo artists we do that for you! We interview and review artists form all over the world, many of whom already have CD Baby accounts- but now this means we can display and help to distribute any artist listed with CD Baby. The artists gain more exposure with our rapidly growing independent music web magazine and we, though our affiliations are allowed legal commercial reciprocation. It’s a ” win – win ” for everyone! Go to the DGT today and see the very beginning of what will surely become a huge partnerships with the most trusted digital download and physical album sales comanies in the world. This writer has had great success marketing my own music and the projects of other co-writers for years. Now it all comes full circle and creates the greatest alliance we could have ever imagined.


Tornadoes halt the music again

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Bruce J Maier

When tragedy strikes and people lose their lives, it is hard to stay focused on what it is that we are here to do – report about music. The main reason we mention the storms, floods and fires of recent months here in a web magazine that is supposed to be all about the music and the music only, is because wherever tragedy strikes there was music and musicians living nearby. We can’t just turn our heads away and pretend that it didn’t happen where people have come to suffer from these events so we mention it here so that you, our readers will consider how fortunate we all are and that we may find it in our hearts to help in some way.

The people of Joplin Missouri and Tuscallosa Alabama and several other southern and eastern towns have been devastated by the rash of tornadoes and the folks living around there who escaped the sudden death of these furious winds have been left with nothing. Their homes, cars, valuables, pets, shopping centers, gas stations and some community services buildings like Fire stations have been totally demolished.

We have created a list of resources and websites where we all can offer our help and also to connect with the latest information on this disaster in hopes that together we who have so much might give a little to our extended human family. This writer has experienced total loss in a home fire and again later in a flood and has known the shock and emotions watching it all be destroyed in minutes. To stand in line at the Red Cross or the Salvation Army for a motel room voucher , a hot meal and clothing I can honestly say that nothing humbles one to such a degree as losing nearly everything you have to the elements of nature or the nature of man’s mistakes.

website links to help:


The greatest music documentary ever!

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The Wrecking Crew film is the finest music documentary I have ever seen and I was really fortunate to have attended the Seattle premiere over the weekend. We also met with the film’s producer Denny Tedesco, whose father was the legendary guitarist Tommy Tedesco. Tommy, Carol Kaye, Hal Blaine and a core group became the hottest rock band in the history of recorded music! Sound like a bold statement? Sure it does but I tell you here and now, you’ve got to visit the Wrecking Crew website and get all the information for yourself. Every musician in the world needs to see this movie! Follow this