The greatest music documentary ever!

The Wrecking Crew film is the finest music documentary I have ever seen and I was really fortunate to have attended the Seattle premiere over the weekend. We also met with the film’s producer Denny Tedesco, whose father was the legendary guitarist Tommy Tedesco. Tommy, Carol Kaye, Hal Blaine and a core group became the hottest rock band in the history of recorded music! Sound like a bold statement? Sure it does but I tell you here and now, you’ve got to visit the Wrecking Crew website and get all the information for yourself. Every musician in the world needs to see this movie! Follow this


One Response to “The greatest music documentary ever!”

  1. Randy Snell Says:

    I think everyone who has ever picked up a bass guitar owes everything to Carol Kaye. On her site is a ton of info and some hit songs nobody ever knew she played on, Like The Beach boys “Pet Sounds” and some early Stevie Wonder, to mention just two of the many, many artists she played on.

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