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Steve Jobs Tribute

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Steve Jobs, who was often referred to as the perfect CEO has passed away at the early age of only fifty-six. Mr. Jobs was also the CEO of PIXAR, the animation movie giant responsible for films such as Toy Story and Monsters. Inc. Pixar was purchased by Disney in 2006 for a little over seven billion dollars. Steve Jobs was known for being a college dropout who only attended one semester before moving on to his next stages of life. In his garage way back in the early days he and fellow electronics mastermind Steve Wozniak teamed up and sold computers together, creating a financial empire which would see Steve Jobs as a multi-millionaire before the age of thirty. So much history has been written since then and the world has changed dynamically with the evolution of personal and business computing. Our realm in the media would not be what it is today were it not for men like Steve Jobs. Music as we know it might not have ever developed as it has with an entire sub-industry being created at it’s feet with devices such as the Ipad. And of course the name iTunes would not have ever emerged if there had not been a company called Apple. The Apple proprietary format for music delivery and storage is known the entire world over and though some may not have known who Steve Jobs was, most interact with the technological footprints that he has left behind. Oh my but what big footsteps Steve Jobs has left for us to follow in! Like Mozart, Wright, Edison and Marconi, this big spinning community is a better place for the people like Steve Jobs who have stopped by for a while and contemplated, taking action to improve mankind’s evolution. Thank you Steve for showing the world that with a vision and a willingness to keep dreaming and working smart, anything is possible.