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Something Big

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Something Big is about to happen for the December issue of Damn Good Tunes! We are going to publish yet another new and dynamic feature that everyone is going to LOVE ! Watch in the next few days to see it happen.


Meet Diego Ruelas: LA Correspondent

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Meet our newest team member, Diego Ruelas who will now be in charge of our Los Angeles music department. Diego is a talented musican and has been involved with the LA music scene for several years. Check out Diego Ruelas’ first article and interview of  new Rock group Dead End Amelia. Their high quality vocals and modern beat, totally cool overdriven guitar sound is no-nonsense. Their underpolished perfection comes across as a band that has the raw factor but the deception is in how intricate the music really is, which takes mass rehearsal, talent and desire. See Diego’s first article this month in Damn Good Tunes!

The ATM I Mean, American Music Awards

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Oh my God! You have got to be freakin’ kidding me! I am so glad I missed the first half of the most absurd awards show I  have ever seen, the AMA’s. Drake…that’s a male duck, not an entertainer or even a mediocre rapper. What’s up with this guy and all the press he’s getting? Where are they getting these clowns? And speaking of clowns – LMFAO ( Shwartz should say ) is a non-talented group of circus rejects who watched a lot of early Cheech and Chong and maybe some Village People and Richard Simmons thrown in there somewhere too! You give a kid some crack and a $200 Casio keyboard and sign them to the next record deal. That’s all you need to do because apparently talent is not a prerequisite to getting on national television, ripping off your pants to show a smiley face over your underwear while dancing like a spaz. Yes, I said a spaz. OK, I’m tired of being Mr Nice Guy and not telling it like I see it so if you don’t like it, read someone else’s blog.

It’s times like these when I almost am ready to give in and say that the music business has gone to hell in a handbag, but then along comes Adam Levine and Maroon 5, Katy Perry , Gaga, Bruno Mars and a very deserving Taylor Swift all proving that there is indeed hope for humanity and the art of real music. Oh there will be some of you who will scorn me and say I don’t know what’s happening in the music anymore but that’s not true. In fact I know just exactly what is happening – a lot of crap being dished out to make fast dollars off of bad karaoke singers, lame hip-hoppers and fake DJ’s and boobs! These acts will be tossed out on the road like a small-time con who might have tried to rip off a 1960’s Casino. These ruthless fast-talkers with great ” connections ”  can get it played nowatamsayin? Tomorrow will just be another batch of cookies from the cutter and no one will give a sh.t who they were in a year. On the other hand, a songwriter like Bruno or Taylor Swift are quite redeeming and they give hope right back to an otherwise lost music world. Thank heaven’s for Ying and Yang! There has to be balance I know and  tell myself every time I have to sit through  a grueling program like this atrocity. Excuse me while I go meditate and invision a world where all the new music is performed by real musicians and songwriters who are worthy of our praise and record purchases.

Guitar Nation first Installment online now!

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Hey everyone! You have GOT to see the first installment of Guitar Nation and Fabulous Friends in Damn Good Tunes now! This is the start of a classic once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a new animated series being born. Dont miss it!

Guitar Nation comes to the DGT!

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Join us this month for the most unique addition to ever come along, an original comic strip exclusive from artist Lou Anne Michel. Lou Anne’s delightful characters each have their own minds and attitudes but one thing they have in common is their love of riding on the tour bus! 

Guitar Nation comic comes to DGT!

We know that you will love our new little friends for years to come so please check into soon for musical-inspired art that will make you smile!

Artist Of The Month Corinne McKnight

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Young Lady with a Fresh Voice

Corinne McKnight first came to our attention a few months ago and we have been paying close attention to how she’s been developing as an artist ever since. Corinne doesn’t have a big over-trained voice and she doesn’t write songs about what’s going on in the world, our society or political views nor does she sing about the deep dark perils of love that has been lost. She doesn’t sing about the bottle or her old pickup truck either. She sings about life from the viewpoint of a young teenaged girl.  Her song  ” Boys, Boys, Boys ” just about sums it up! This writer helped raise three daughters and I think Corinne’s take on being attracted to and finding herself attractive to the boys around her is a healthy expression to one’s coming of age.

Thing is it seems that most of the kids who are recording and movie stars today are dressing and acting like they’re in their twenties and thirties. Trust me – that time will come. It can wait. So, it’s nice to hear a fresh unpretentious voice that is clearly coming from reality and the heart, and there’s just nothing wrong with that. For more on this very nice young talent, see Corinne McKnight, our Artist of the Month, as interviewed by Trinity Lost in Damn Good Tunes today!