Artist Of The Month Corinne McKnight

Young Lady with a Fresh Voice

Corinne McKnight first came to our attention a few months ago and we have been paying close attention to how she’s been developing as an artist ever since. Corinne doesn’t have a big over-trained voice and she doesn’t write songs about what’s going on in the world, our society or political views nor does she sing about the deep dark perils of love that has been lost. She doesn’t sing about the bottle or her old pickup truck either. She sings about life from the viewpoint of a young teenaged girl.  Her song  ” Boys, Boys, Boys ” just about sums it up! This writer helped raise three daughters and I think Corinne’s take on being attracted to and finding herself attractive to the boys around her is a healthy expression to one’s coming of age.

Thing is it seems that most of the kids who are recording and movie stars today are dressing and acting like they’re in their twenties and thirties. Trust me – that time will come. It can wait. So, it’s nice to hear a fresh unpretentious voice that is clearly coming from reality and the heart, and there’s just nothing wrong with that. For more on this very nice young talent, see Corinne McKnight, our Artist of the Month, as interviewed by Trinity Lost in Damn Good Tunes today!

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