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There is a nostalgic if not magical place called Port Townsend that is situated on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State where it’s deep water port and abundance of resources and natural beauty abound. The somewhat eight-thousand resident population swells at times from the tourists and part-time Seattle visitors who come to this place to enjoy the quaint shops filled with hard to find imported toys from Europe, antiques, records, books and so much more. But it is not the peaceful walks down Water street or the gazing into the Puget Sound, viewing and touring historical homes and buildings that are the main attractions, for it is the Art and Music which is the lifeblood of this community although also known for live theatre and events such as the Brewfest, Rhody Festival and the Shrimpfest among others. Music is a vital part of the livelihood of Port Townsend and in particular one venue The Upstage stand out above the rest for it’s constant contribution to the local music scene with live entertainment several nights a week including Blues, Jazz and Classical and an open mic Mondays. The Upstage boasts a beautiful grand piano on its center view stage with visibility form virtually any seat in the house. The wooden dance floor, excellent acoustics, ambient lighting and wall art provide an warm environment for concerts, bands and entertainers. Known for many years as a Blues and Jazz establishment, The Upstage has welcomed nationally known touring acts, greater Puget Sound area Blues artists and local talent which, by the way, there is a lot of! And let’s not forget the food….And this writer will let you know that I had what I believe was the very best Pizza I have ever had in my life and that’s a tall statement because I use to work in pizza places in my earlier days and am a pretty fair cook. But this, a Mediterranean Chicken Pizza was absolutely delicious with it’s paper-thin crackery crust and I believe Asiago cheese …oh man, I’m salivating! They serve many other wonderful things on the menu like Cajun, Balkan, Russian, & Indian cuisine so there is no limit to how one might satisfy the palate while listening to some of the best live music within three-hundred miles! And lets not forget to mention the great brews, fine wines and total hospitality from owner Mark Cole and his entire friendly staff who will make your experience at The Upstage and Port Townsend a total ” magical ” memory! That just about covers it ! Now here’s  how to find The Upstage:

923 Washington Street

Port Townsend Washington


Phone: 360.385.2216

If you like this review you may find it in it’s entirety with additional photos:


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