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Marie Colvin

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Marie Colvin had spent most of her professional life reporting the  news from war zones across the globe. Famous for her eye-patch which was there because of losing sight in her left eye in the conflict of Sri Lanka in 2001, she never let her injuries or the fear of being killed in duty slow her down. Getting the word out to the world about what was really happening  as was the case there in Syria today where the Syrian forces are killing everyone in Homs – was a story that someone had to be there to report , that  they are not just looking for rebels, they’re killing innocent babies, women and men it matters not. It was Marie’s to do and she lost her life bringing the truth.

We always try to just present you with the news of the music industry but sometimes as a responsible publication  we feel a need to give the readers our thoughts of the tragedies such as flooding, storms and Tsunamis that have taken lives and destroyed entire cities. Music is everywhere on this planet and anywhere that people gather there is song, there is art. Syria, Homs was no exception and it may be decades before the music ever replaces the sounds of gunshots. But it will come to pass  and the evil men and their deeds will have all but turned to dust and be accounted for in books and journals.

When a person aspires to be a writer and / or a reporter, it is all in or all out. One just knows what one’s calling is and they follow their destiny, even though it may place them in harm’s way. Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik lost their lives today reporting on the atrocities of yet another stupid war. Colvin was just on Anderson Cooper’s CNN program last night talking via satellite thousands of miles away. I would imagine he is feeling a terrible void for the loss of his friend and comrade, for Marie Colvin comes from a rare mold. One where the spirit is cast separate from the physical being for we are all born essentially the same, even the wicked men who killed Marie and Remi. It’s just that some of us work for the good, the peace, for a better earth and tomorrow.

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Musicians Who Help Others

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Food for thought on this day. If you are a musician, in a band, a soloist, songwriter or someone who is in some way in the music industry, what might be some ways we could help others who are less fortunate than ourselves? Fund-raisers and charity dances or concerts maybe? Look around your own community and see if there’s something you could do with your own music that could really help someone in need. Sometimes just clean clothes, bedding or a place to sleep for a few days or a home cooked meal is all it takes to get someone back on their feet again.

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Whitney Houston – I… we will always love you

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We are saddened by the loss today of Whitney Houston. Please read this excerpt from her biography courtesy of her official website:






The Guinness Book Of World Records lists Whitney as music’s “most awarded female artist of all time,” with an amazing tally of 411 awards (as of 2006) a tally that is certainly topped by her two Emmy Awards, six Grammy Awards, 16 Billboard Music Awards, and 23 American Music Awards, as well as MTV VMAs in the U.S. and Europe, NAACP Image Awards, BET Awards, “Soul Train” Music Awards, and so on. She received the Nickelodeon “Kids Choice” award (she was inducted into the “Kids Choice” Hall Of Fame in 1996), the Dove (Gospel Music Association) Award, and Blockbuster Entertainment Award. Whitney was inducted into the BET (Black Entertainment Television) Walk Of Fame in 1996; and received “Soul Train”‘s prestigious Quincy Jones Career Achievement Award in 1998.

True to her church upbringing, the Whitney Houston Foundation For Children Inc. was established in 1989 as a non-profit organization that cares for such problems as homelessness, children with cancer and AIDS, and other issues of self-empowerment. In June 1995, the Foundation was awarded a VH1 Honor for its charitable work. Funds have been raised for numerous causes involving children around the world, from South Africa to Newark, and generated over $300,000 for the Children’s Defense Fund as a result of a 1997 HBO concert.

Whitney’s tireless efforts have earned recognition from such organizations as St. Jude Children’s Hospital, the United Negro College Fund, and the Children’s Diabetes Foundation, all of whom have benefited from the heart and soul of a great artist and humanitarian. Singing to audiences on every continent, Whitney has won her worldwide following the old-fashioned way, digging deep down into her soul and finding common threads with her millions of fans.