Making our website successful

Advertising is one of the necessary evils to presentation on the Internet and we at are certainly no exception. How we try to be acceptable to our readers is in carefully screening the advertisers and affiliations to be aure that they are aligned with our vision and what we think our demographic will dictate and utilize. An example of an incorrect match would be say, auto parts or culinary schools, but then again having E(Bay), H(P) computers and So(ny) software seems a great fit, as we know our readers use a computer and software.
Keeping this in mind we are proud to announce the arrival of the best video-chat system we believe we’ve ever seen, ooVoo. Since it’s inappropriate to actually advertise on WordPress, we will adhere to the rules and simply ask that you go to our main website, click one of the ooVoo links and read all about it for yourself.
In the years to come we will always strive to bring our readers the best content concerning music, the business of music and the artists and technicians who make that music a reality. To support us and allow us to expand there are only four methods of revenue procurement; Memberships-subscription, Donations, Advertiser supported or a not-for-profit status as a business. For us to continue the precedent that we set in 2007 that has earned us our fine global reputation, the business model that works best for us is advertiser supported.

Respectfully Yours,

Bruce Maier DGT Publisher-Owner

Bruce Maier
Damn Good Tunes


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