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ROCK IT – David Shriver Tribute is now Launched!

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Full speed ahead! That’s what Bruce Maier and his dedicated team are saying now that phase 2 of the fundraising campaign has launched as of Monday. There is a brand new introduction video in place which will give the potential donors much more of the information and even a sneak peek at David’s live performance on the Ed Sullivan Show, along with a clip of actor-musician and author Mickey Jones who Maier recruited to play drums on the soundtrack for the film. Mickey was seated in the control room of the recording studio hearing back the song Rock It for the very first time when he is captured on  camera offering an emotional response.

This is a worthy project and there is an inspirational message of hope for anyone who loves music and has considered putting all their faith in the Dream of making it in music.

David Shriver and Mickey Jones along with their band-leader Trini Lopez sold millions of records and played the most important shows and broadcast in the world . But all this fame would come just a few years after David’s first time becoming famous as the electric Bass player for Rock icon Eddie Cochran. Cochran will killed in a tragic car crash in England, leaving behind millions of saddened fans and a young David Shriver asking the question of what would be next. After a stint with the Kelly Four, David was at the famed PJ’s in Hollywood when he meets with Lopez and Jones who were just then needing a good Bass player. The rest is an amazing history which includes moving from Malibu and buying a  farm in Washington state, joining with Northwest music legend Clayton Watson and performing in symphonies and Big Bands! David Shriver as the song says,  ” lived his life with passion ! ”

In order to tell this story in Rock It, we need your help. Please go to our Kickstarter page and watch the video and read the details. Rock It!

See The Video Here



Moving Ahead with The Film

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So the David Shriver Tribute project fund-raiser fell short of reaching it’s financial goal in round 1, but I am here to tell you that we now have substance and the film and audio tracks are full ahead under way! Film is not only in production but thanks to Mickey Jones, the owners of all the Ed Sullivan Shows have given me full permission to use a clip of David playing in front of 20 million people on Live Television! This means we can integrate the clip into our own film. In film-makers terms that’s a huge perk that substantiates credibility – and, from an advertiser’s perspective it relates to keywords in Google searches etc. giving us high ranking on the web and on You Tube. Once completed the film will be launched onto all possible Video sights, CD Baby, iTunes, Sound Cloud and others. The song will be downloadable as an mp3 or will be available as a physical CD. The DVD will also be for sale. So, you would think that just about does it right? That all we’re trying to do here is make money? Not at all. This is just another step in the process because our plan is that once the short-film is launched and previewed to the world, we will seek higher sponsorship funding through related corporations in the music industry, and that we will produce a 1 hour documentary for networks such as PBS or Discovery. Who knows? Maybe the channel that Mickey Jones is currently starring on, FX ( Justified – series ) would be interested.

In closing I want you all to know that if it weren’t for the team of Newspin Photo and Video of Olympia Washington, Hilltop Studios of Centralia, Calvin Taylor, Mickey Jones,Clayton Watson, drum- tech advisers Mike Lacey and Brent Jones, Sheryl D
Miner of Olympia, and the enduring patience of my lovely wife of 34 years, Kaye Maier, this project would not be possible. Watch for ” Phase 2 ” of the Rock It / David Shriver Tribute coming via Kickstarter and next week.

Nothing can stop me…but you all knew that didn’t ya?

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