In the nineteen-seventies one of the greatest male musical duos emerged as England Dan and John Ford Coley, who at their peak released eleven albums and nine hit singles. They started out as best friends in school and became successful  musical partners from about 1965 to 1985. 


After that time each of them went on to pursue solo careers; England Dan would change his stage name back to Dan Seals and John would go on to become an actor, director, producer and songwriter. Dan Seals succumbed to lymphoma just four years ago but will be remembered for the beautiful harmonies that he and John Ford Coley would create on records and during live performances, each being masterfully skilled musicians. 

January 26th 2013

On a cold, typically rainy night in the northwest in a small community known as Centralia Washington, Centralia College hosted a rare appearance of John Ford Coley who would take the audience not only on an excursion into the past, but on to new heights, new songs and a side of John that few may have been aware that he possesses. A polished, though laid-back entertainer who held his audience with a sense of humor and an adept delivery of well-written stories John had the audience laughing, crying and even participating with the line “ I’m not talkin’ bout movin’ in…and I don’t wanna change your life “. He made a special delivery of a song called Choose Life, prefacing it with “ maybe someone will record it someday “.  It was a song that really reminded this writer about the value of life and why we should appreciate what time we have here on earth.

At the end of the concert I was able to meet with Mr. Coley, thanking him for his performance and to express particular appreciation for “ Choose Life “, telling him that I felt that it was straight from his heart, making a direct hit into my own core. He was moved by our short chat and my comments but I suspect I will remember our brief encounter far longer than will he, due to his constant and intense touring schedule and meeting fans on every shore.
John Ford Coley is also the author of a brand new book called “ Back Stage Pass “ which is filled with first-hand accounts of his life on the road, which has spanned nearly five decades. He told us it was his own “ unauthorized autobiography “. If you are a fan or someone who is new to John Ford Coley, we highly recommend obtaining tickets to see him live in concert, download some of his music and purchase the new book! The best music performance I’ve seen in over a year, John Ford Coley receives two thumbs all the way up!

written by Bruce J Maier

Please visit John’s website:


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