Why should we be laughing?

Some people report the painful news, the tragedies of the world, the wars and deaths. These topics make for good headlines to grab attention and ultimately sell product. Oh,you see and hear it every day on the news channels and papers – accidents, mayhem, murder, plane crashes, assaults and violence , ” brought to you by the makers of…. “. It’s what pays the bills for the major networks and publishers.In my business of music news and information though, I choose to keep it light, fun and leave all the negativity out of it save a few exceptions such as the tornadoes and floods which have ravaged the southern parts of the US in recent years.

The reason behind such break-away from our policy was simply that from our perspective we know that music is all around us. It’s in every little corner of the world. When the teenagers of Iran are oppressed and actually found to be criminals for playing and producing rap and rock music, when war tears the streets of Kabul apart and the children’s voices and songs can no longer be heard, and when natures winds, rains and tremors destroy, taking lives and all that is valued – there is for a period of time, an absence of the music. And for that we pause for a moment and acknowledge the suffering that has been wrought. But, as woman and mankind have a spirit to prevail, to rise up as the Phoenix from the ash, surely too must the music and the smiles return.

And so, we laugh. We write good stories and interviews about people making positive good in this oh-so-imperfect world. It is not my job to be the messenger of gloom. There are no vacancies in that department anyway. And so, I choose the light, the song and the laughter. And perhaps with more of the same, we can consciously make this world just a little better than we found it yesterday.

Bruce Maier


2 Responses to “Why should we be laughing?”

  1. Laugh on, Brother Bruce, laugh on! And so will I.

  2. Music. it ain’t illegal yet.

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