You Love being in the music industry

So surround yourself with others who love it as much as you do. Hi! Bruce Maier here, founder and publisher of
We’ve been around since 2007 reporting on a lot of the music from right here in the Pacific Northwest with reviews and interviews of
some of the top talents and cutting edge artists. The best way to stay on your road to success in the music industry is to keep yourself
in the company of ” like minds “, folks who write music, perform, produce or engineer and others who support and market music such as public relations, personal managers and music business attorneys. Stay focused, stay sober and work every day to improve your craft.
You’ll find that the road gets better all the time and you will be closer to your goals than you ever imagined. 
We welcome your comments and ideas at :

Photo: NW Band , Elbow Coulee featured Cover Artist’s in the current issue


One Response to “You Love being in the music industry”

  1. Larry Hill Says:

    Tripped over your blog when you ran your tribute ad on craigslist. Keep up the good work….especially featuring local talent. We are all in the same pen, feeding at the same trough

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