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Miley Naked?

Posted in Miley Cyrus, Nudity with tags , , , on September 10, 2013 by damngoodtunes

Miley Hannah

Oh my god!!!!! Another semi-nude pop star in the news waving her tush, making sexual gestures and carrying on like a…well, certainly not a respectable young lady! Give me a freakin’ break everyone!

Since the beginning of pop-time there have been leaders and followers and trend-setters. Miley Cyrus happens to be one of the world’s most famous women and now people are getting upset because she showed her ass, made some corny sexual moves that were quite frankly, a little mechanical but who really gives a damn? Not me. But in her defense I have to say that she has done nothing that other divas didn’t do decades ahead of her. If anything it lacked originality but I doubt that it has ruined her career.

Miley Cyrus, the famous little ” Montana ” girl of theme-park inspired television shows syndicated throughout the world is the head of an empire which brought in an estimated 65 million dollars a year to her piggy bank since she was twelve years old! She is a rich and powerful young lady who considers herself an artist and chooses to express herself so. Sometimes a hit, sometimes a miss in fashion and music choices, she trods along on 5th avenue with people calling her Ms. Cyrus and opening doors for her wherever she appears.She can buy whatever she wants, dress how she likes and speak her mind with gravel and grit or gratitude and graciousness, whatever the occasion requires. She is first an actress who has put in long hard hours for years as one of America’s most loved and watched sweetheart-throbs. She can be the chameleon at will.

Miley Cyrus’ recent performance got all the critics in a tizzy fit like they suddenly were the new moral majority. What a joke! No one ever erected a statue to a critic anyway did they? Of course not. But dirt sells papers and news time. That’s what it’s all about.

And by the way, the producers of the MTV / VMA all knew ahead of time what she was going to do. They saw it all at the undressed rehearsal. Large checks were direct deposited into their bank accounts over the next several days.

Get over it.

Bruce J Maier