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DIY to the Max – Kayla Stewart’s new CD

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Do It Yourself to the Max
by Randy Kamradt
damngoodtunes – Seattle
Kayla Stewart

I met Kayla Stewart when she ran the open mic at the Olive Branch Café in Tacoma. She always had a few songs to sing as well, which struck me as being dramatic, melodic, and catchy to the point that you got to know the songs as soon as you hear them, as if you’ve always known them. A few weeks ago she had a CD release party at the new location of the Olive Branch Café, in which she captured the best of the songs I’ve gotten to know from her open mic performances.
I’m listening to the CD now, and its minimalist to the point that you feel the intimacy of a live performance such as the many I’d heard. The CD lacks the production values that you find on many of today’s commercial CDs, but it almost adds to the sincerity that you hear in her voice and message. It’s a slap in the face to the music industry that demands that everything must be’ just so’ to be popular, as I’m enjoying listening to this almost as a live performance, in a small club that has quieted to a hush just from the power of her playing. READ THE INTERVIEW HERE


Best Guitar Players ( you never heard )

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One of the Best Guitar Players
By Bruce Maier

When I was growing up and learning to play guitar I was fortunate to have a few of the real gurus of the instrument around me and to learn from, and probably wherever you are on this planet you can likely say the same thing. I guess music is just that way. We get the privilege to have these wonderful mentors around to inspire and teach.

One of the  Best Guitar Players

Mike Keller – Guitar Master

Mike Keller was someone special though; I saw him, I watched him play and I heard him for over four decades, but I never got the honor to really hang out with him and get to know the local legend that he truly was. Now I can brag and say that I did meet his dad once. He even showed me around his shop where he was building violins, but with Michael it would be many years before I would get to spend a little quality time with him at one of his concerts where he, Sherry Potter on Bass and vocals and Michael Lacey on drums were playing a Blues Festival. That was a day I will never forget!   

Best Guitar Player Michael Keller

Mike Keller and Sherry Potter

Mike Keller had such a unique style that made you think you were listening to a much larger band. The way he comped, or played his chords and his selective choices of riffs and runs in his beautiful solos. His was masterful on the instrument and didn’t have to mask his playing with too much performance. Not to say he was stoic, he just didn’t need to do much more than just be Michael, the one with a very special gift. I will always remember Mike Keller, his amazing playing and a subtle smile. He loved to play music and loved to be in the company of special people and he was indeed, very happy to take to the stage with the love of his life. He was really – one of the best!

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Local Sales Outlets for Your Music

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Editor’s forward:
We would like to welcome Dr. Kenneth Love of Dallas Texas to and our WordPress blog. Dr. Kenneth Love holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education, a Master of Business Administration degree in Business Marketing, and a PhD in Business Marketing. He has been a consultant to the music industry in several capacities for decades and is a respected and accomplished Jazz artist and  composer. ” Mubiz with Dr Kenneth Love ” can be found in our web magazine at this time in  SPECIAL FEATURE  . Please enjoy the talents of this man who dedicates his life to the world of music, and helping others to achieve their dreams. Bruce J Maier /publisher
artist, musician, radio personality, consultant, composer

Dr. Kenneth Love

The Music industry and its respective music buyers have not, yet, strictly endorsed a digital music file environment for sales.  As such, musicians/recording artists are still expected to have CDs available for both representing their music and for sale, particularly, during their live performances.
The below list presents various types of local sales outlets and sources in your own home area that you may have never considered for selling your music but which may be interested in carrying your music for sale for their particular clients and customers while, simultaneously, increasing their business financial bottom line.
In a number of the below outlets, the clients and customers are already “captive” audiences, so to speak, who are already waiting on a product or service, such as doctors’ offices, coffee houses, barber/beauty shops, nail salons, etc.  So, why not work with these types of businesses in order to promote, publicize, and sell your music through them and to their clients and customers as they wait for their main service.
You should treat this process much like “music consignment,” which is what it is.  To be clear, you need to initially approach the business owner or manager with this proposal, offer to let them have a copy to listen to, then get back with them a week or so later to learn if you may provide them with copies of your music for sale.  If they agree, you then provide them with a consignment agreement (which both you and them will sign and retain copies), leave approximately 5 copies of your music, then (call first) and return a week or so later to collect money for any sales made.
Additionally, most of these sources already have their own in-house music system playing, so in order to encourage sales from their clients and customers, you should ask them to add your music to their own in-house “playlist” as well as make a copy of your music visible in the waiting area.
I have also suggested certain genres that I feel will lend themselves best to the particular businesses below; however, it will also depend on the business owners personal tastes, as well.
NOTE: Be sure to (mainly) concentrate on small independent “Mom & Pop” type businesses as they are the most likely to be interested and supportive.
1. Music retail stores (Any)
2. Bookstores (Mostly soft, Jazz, New Age, but depends on store)
3. Flower shops (soft Folk, New Age, Jazz)
4. Boot stores (Country, Americana)
5. Western wear (Country, Americana)
6. Restaurants (Any, but depends on restaurant)
7. Church stores (Gospel, Christian)
8. Christian bookstores (Gospel, Christian)
9. Doctors’ offices (Soft Rock, Pop Rock, New Age, Jazz)
10. Convenience stores (Any)
11. Airport gift shops (Any)
12. Bus station gift shops (Any)
13. Train station gift shops (Any)
14. Electronics stores (Any)
15. Office supplies (Any)
16. Corporate/company cafeterias (Jazz, New Age, Soft Rock)
17. Jewelry stores (Soft Rock, Jazz, New Age)
18. Barber shops (Any)
19. Beauty shops (Any)
20. Nail salons (Any)
21. Sports shops (Any)
22. Health clubs (Rock, Dance, Electronica)
23. Apartment management offices (Any)
24. Variety stores (Any)
25. Game arcades (Rock, Dance, Electronica)
26. Bed & Breakfast Inns (Jazz, New Age, Soft Rock)
27. Bridal consultants (Jazz, New Age, Soft Rock)
28. Bridal stores (Jazz, New Age, Soft Rock)
29. Tuxedo shops (Jazz, New Age, Soft Rock)
30. Bridal services (Jazz, New Age, Soft Rock)
31. Clothes cleaners (Any)
32. Mainstream clothing stores (Any)
33. Shoe stores (Any)
34. Coffee houses (Jazz, New Age, Soft Rock)
35. Computer stores (Any)
36. Eyeglass stores (Any)
37. Consignment shops (Any)
38. Farm supply stores (Country)
39. Flea markets (Any)
40. Swap shops (Any)
41. Formal wear stores (Any)
42. College bookstores (Any)
43. College music stores (Any)
44. Gift shops (Any)
45. Hardware stores (Any)
46. Hospital gift shops (Any)
47. Hotel gift shops (Any)
48. Insurance companies (Any)
49. Massage therapists (Jazz, New Age, Soft Rock)
50. Cellular telephone services (Any)
51. Motorcycle shops (Any)
52. Night clubs (Depends on the genre)
53. Party supply stores (Any)
54. Pawn shops (Any)
55. Cosmetic stores (Any)
56. Satellite dish stores (Any)
57. Thrift shops (Any)
58. Vehicle repair shops (Any)

Editor’s Note: Dr. Kenneth Love is a Jazz musician, recording artist, and writer/author.  More details about him may be learned at and, respectively.

Making Money with Music

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Show Me What Money?

When I was a young teen Rocker back in the day I never thought about money or making much of it through music. Sure, my buddies and I considered being on huge stages and what it would mean to be famous, but the money wasn’t part of the quest. It was just assumed that end of the game would take care of itself. We didn’t think about transportation fuel costs, clothes or costumes. We only thought about having good amps, guitars and drums…sorry, no Tuba players were in the band!

Money At The Door

We did a lot of assuming back in those days and often there would be some trusted school mate who would as they say ” run the door “. The band would charge a cover, maybe a buck or two and the patrons would get some goofy looking stamp on their hands. Lots of times the  dance club floors were packed but at the end of the night for some reason there was only about thirty-five dollars in the shoe-box. How could this be? Well ” we had to let so-and-so in because she was hot, this other guy had no money but had to impress his girlfriend , the drummer’s cousin “. And so it was that nothing ever got written down. The band was going in the hole with every gig we played. Still, we unpacked the gear in the studio and rehearsed again and again like nothing concerned us about the money, or the lack thereof.

Make some real  money  or get a real job!

While you’re still living at home and borrowing from your relatives, as an artist or musician sooner or later something will have to give. Dreams sometimes get interrupted by reality and one finds him or herself filling out application for either a job or financial assistance, and it ain’t pretty! Money is one of those things that sooner or later we have to come to grips with and we need to start earning it fast!  Nothing like the news that a baby is coming soon to make some of us wake up!

The Band Is Breaking Up!

Jimmy quit, Jody got married….Hmmm, where did I hear that? Oh yeah, thank you Brian Adams! It’s true. So many really talented bands and groups break up because of financial problems  but you know what? These bands  had the best of intentions to get it together, write world-changing songs and be famous. They just didn’t have any money! They didn’t have a plan. Heck, they didn’t  even have a dedicated spiral notebook and a marking pen to write down how many patrons came in the door at the gig! They just ” assumed ” that everything would be alright, but it wouldn’t be without a plan.

Now back in those days we didn’t have Internet or social networking or a WordPress blog, websites or anything. It was all done by meeting in person or talking on a telephone. There were record companies in Los Angeles and  Nashville, That’s where the studios were and if you were going to get into the action you had to be there or New York City, maybe Toronto or London. That’s where the money was and you had to have a record deal. The mp3 and the iTunes hadn’t come about yet and it would be decades before they did.  But when it happened, money came trickling in from all kinds of new and exciting streams. Oh yes there are many ways for musicians and bands to make money today. Some that we’ve never even thought of but it’s right here under our noses! In the next part of my story, we will delve into new ways that money is being made in the music industry and that virtually anyone, any young new band in the world can make tons of  it!

Bruce J Maier / publisher

To our newest Followers

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Sometimes we get so caught up in the illusions of our own importance we zip right past the niceties of life and the courtesies we as civilized people should adhere to. So, I want to take a moment and thank those of you who actually took the time to say ” yes , I am interested in being notified whenever you post something “.

We have many readers but none as important as yourselves. Some of you may also follow us on Twitter and Facebook and might have noticed we don’t have that many subscribers. The reason is simple; I / we never have purchased a follower. Rather, we have built a small community where we know and have spoken directly to everyone. Sure, there’s lots more people who read our web magazine, follow the Blogs and are interested in what we do, but the ones who take that extra step, or we say ” hey we’d like to stay in touch with you ” these are the people who will be around for us in the years to come.

So, we thank you. You are not many, but you are mighty.

Bruce J Maier / publisher and owner Continue reading