Casey Kasem Reaches The Stars


A Star Among Stars

A Star Among Stars

Commentary by Bruce J Maier
When I was a young lad attempting to make my worldly connection to music via Radio it was the engaging voice of Casey Kasem who kept me glued to the the kitchen (AM) radio, and it would be he who would play a major role in my desire to pursue not only live performance and songwriting, but also broadcasting and television production.

The world is saddened today with the passing of yet another legend; a golden  voice, a man with a warm smile who, several times a week for over sixty years, politely and at times humorously not only spun the top ten hits but also told the listeners and viewers about the bands, the songwriters and their inspirations which created the songs, instead of talking on and on  about himself or his sponsors. Casey Kasem was an original. May we all heed his words; ” Keep your feet in the ground and  keep reaching for the stars “


One Response to “Casey Kasem Reaches The Stars”

  1. Emma Nation Says:

    Great, great human being. A giant in the industry. We love you Casey Kasem, thank you. xoxoxoxoxo

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