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The Greatest Christmas Album In Decades!

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Tim Rushlow

The Best Christmas Album In Decades!

Tim Rushlow and his Big Band Classic Christmas

A review by Bruce J Maier

There was once a time of glory in the music industry and a time of class that only the likes of producer-engineers like Frank Lako of Columbia Records in New York would create on a regular basis. Mr. Sinatra recorded most of his albums there with Lako and it was an environment fine-tuned for the best musicians in the industry. The songs were well crafted and the musicianship the highest available. The music was rich in texture and tone of the vocals smooth as velvet, largely due to a great singer for starters and followed by the best microphones and acoustics and the best analog tape on the planet. But as music aficionados we came to expect great sound, great songs and incredible entertainment. As time went on the industry and accepted forms of popular music presentation changed greatly. But one thing has never changed; the world loves Christmas music. Even though there have been hundreds of Christmas albums produced since the nineteen-fifties there is certainly a void between “ this year’s flavor “ and records that are made to last, until now.

Tim Rushlow, the former lead singer of the super group Little Texas ventured out on his own in the late nineties and has been making great records and performing to sold out shows around the world without ever having to look back. For some though, moving past the success of four top albums, a greatest hits collection and charting fifteen singles on Billboard’s Top 100 – would be hard to part with. Rushlow has proven time after time that he is a progressive man who continues to write, sing and evolve.

Coming from humble roots and being born on a US Air Force base Tim would grow up with an early interest in music and honing his vocal skills in the High School choir. Although he would later earn many accolades and awards in modern Country, he has always had a profound passion for Jazz and Big Band music. Now for the first time in his life, everything he has learned in the music business – every note and scale, every stage he’s performed on has led him to this exciting new adventure   – Tim Rushlow and his Big Band Classic Christmas!

With a nice mixture of time honored classics such as Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer, Jingle Bells and Oh Holy Night, Tim Rushlow shows us an amazing range of a softer style of singing to an all out Swing-King, finger-snapping swagger throughout this entire CD! When I do a review there is, invariably one or maybe two songs that will stand out or slap me right in the face with “ Hit “ written all over it, and that is the case with “ What Do I Do With The Blue “ and “ A Soldier’s Gift “. The latter is a song that you can’t help but have feelings for, as the lyric evokes how we long to see our loved ones and friends who are serving in the military, protecting the rest of us and it says thank you in a beautiful and convincing, respectable way. It’s such a well-crafted song featuring Bradford Marsalis and penned by Tim Rushlow, Don Poythress and the album’s co-producer Jimmy Ritchey who has done a splendid job with Jeff Huskins to make a great record, one that this writer believes would have made Frank and Frank very proud indeed, as they prove that outstanding recordings and total class have made a triumphant return! Look for Tim Rushlow to be at the top of the charts in the coming years and for this wonderful Christmas album being a cherished classic for decades to come!

Tim Rushlow and His Big Band Classic Christmas

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A Time For Family and Friends – A Time To Act

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We know that for many in the USA this week is a traditional holiday and that there are similar such holidays around the world. This particular holiday is usually a great gathering time in homes across America where some of us are able to sit down at the  table and enjoy a Blessing of Abundance. Unfortunately not everyone in the states will be able to fill their bellies with turkey, potatoes and gravy and so many wonderful desserts. Many in our country are homeless and hungry, just like our brothers and sisters in Europe, Asia and throughout the world.

It occurred to me this week that I am truly blessed although I don’t live in a penthouse nor do I drive a new Maybach and spend hundreds of dollars on my shoes. I am lucky to have grown up never to have missed a meal, never had to live on the streets and always had clean clothes upon my back. And yet so many in our country and on this planet are going to sleep tonight without having had breakfast, lunch or dinner at all. So, I started thinking about what I might be able to do with my own music and artwork as a means to bring some sort of hope and dignity back to others. We here at DGT are always volunteering for whatever the good cause is that is before us such as hurricane and earthquake relief and that is all good. But what might I do all year long to bring about change with my music and with the love, energies behind ?  I do not know the answer but rest assured I will seek it out and consult with all of our followers and every musician and band that I’ve come to know.

Perhaps we can all work together with our music, and with our Art and to initiate a new mission – one to help end hunger and homelessness.. A cause which will be driven daily toward a solution. No child, woman or man should go hungry or not have a safe, decent place to sleep, prepare food, to bathe and enjoy a more Human existence. It is our right. We are not primitive animals living in the dark and we must stop the fighting, bring the love and hope to this humanity one meal at a time.

Happy Thanksgiving

Bruce J Maier / CEO