The Columbia Theatre – Longview Washington Presents

Columbia Theatre poster 2


As the downloadable Hi-Res poster  explains, three incredible artists on one stage for one night will appear at the historic Columbia Theatre in Longview Washington this Saturday evening. I have had the pleasure of knowing the show’s producer and drummer, Willis Moss for about ten years and have been his guest at many great Blues and R&B events, several involving the amazing Lloyd Jones who I believe is the underestimated secret Blues weapon of the entire Pacific Northwest. Lloyd surrounds himself with the finest players and it  doesn’t matter where he is, a Blues Fest with thousands of fans or a small bar in Portland Oregon,Longview-Kelso Washington state – Lloyd delivers the package! And, from the moment he takes the stage, Jones shows the crowd that he’s there to entertain and give them their money’s worth. And, in less than two minutes people are already up on their feet groovin’ to the soulful tasty guitar work and the gritty-smooth dynamics of his vocals. He barely takes a real break when doing a four hour gig and I think it’s because he really loves putting on a show for his fans. When people say they are not into the Blues when I talk about Lloyd, but then we go to his shows they realize this ain’t your daddy’s Blues; there’s R n B, Funk and all kinds of style in his music.A man to investigate, you can find Lloyd Jones’ multiple albums for sale throughout the net on all popular sale sites and select record outlets.

Lisa Mann and Karen Lovely are only new to this writer but each of these powerful Ladies are rising stars who have achieved tremendous accolades.Lisa Mann has recently received a Blues Music Award and is the recipient of three Muddy Waters Awards as well. Her song called ” Move On ” knocks me totally out with it’s Funky Bass chops interlaced with those fire-soul vocals! It’s no wonder that Lisa is being noticed on a national level in my opinion. Karen Lovely is also a Blues Music Award nominee who has four of her own records out, ” Still The Rain ” and ” Prohibition Blues ” join her LIVE in Los Angeles and her 2008 release – ” Lucky Girl “. ,Like Lloyd Jones and Lisa Mann her CDs are available wherever quality music is found on the Internet and Northwest record outlets.In conclusion I’d like to go back to Mr Willis Moss and mention that over the years he has shown me such passion and love for the art of music and introduced me to the Blues – the New Blues that’s hotter than the proverbial firecracker and turned me back on to the genre like never before. A few years ago Moss was fighting for his life after many years of illness and a failing pancreas until an incredible thing happened; he became a double recipient of a pancreas AND a kidney! Recovering well, Willis saw this new opportunity for a full life and has since dedicated his talents to promoting the best music of the Northwest, particularly from Portland Oregon to the Longview and Kelso areas of Southwest Washington. And vocals? Are you kidding me? Willis isn’t only the main drummer that all these great artists want to have backing them, he’s a great singer on top of it! But it’s Willis’ effervescence and natural smile that folks love. It takes real people to promote Real Music, and this event produced by and partially performed by Mr Willis Moss will be a huge success. So I would humbly suggest you call the number provided in the event poster and reserve your tickets now!

Special mention goes out to the Columbia Theatre Buildings management, Gian Paul Morrelli, whom without his shared love for the Arts, none of these events would be taking place.

Bruce J Maier

Here are these three artists web addresses:

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