Why Bother?

I know there are days when we all want to say screw it, just throw in the towel and be a grown-up. We get frustrated because it seems no one is interested in our music, or at least not enough listeners or dancers came to the club last night even though you publicized it well enough. So what’s the problem?
The answer is that the problem is you ( me ). It’s no one else’s fault things are going the way you want them to really. Maybe something you’re doing just isn’t working…maybe there’s another approach you should take or someone else’s advice you should be open to hear. But whatever it is you’ve got to just get up out of your childish self-pity and write or learn a new song. Get out and play, go into the studio and produce something new and fresh. If you’re in a band get them all motivated by example. Change you, and the fans will follow!


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