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photo credit for the featured picture of Lady Gaga and James Hetfield by Kevin Winter – courtesy of Getty Images for NARAS



OK so why does a 60+ year old man who publishes a web magazine and gets CD’s sent to him every day to review go out and actually buy new music? Very simply that I am a huge fan of great song writing and production, engineering. With a strong and beautiful voice to go  with the songs she writes Lady Gaga is a clear choice for me and that’s why I own “Joanne” and ” Born This Way ” both. When some of my die-hard Blues and Jazz friends snicker about all the gaga-isms going around I point out unhesitatingly that I am a fan of Gaga, as I am of Adele and a few other current songwriter female talents including Taylor Swift and without shame. Lady Gaga wrote over two-hundred songs for this latest album and then selected the top tracks to release. Just the thought of that is exhausting isn’t it?  Recently the Lady G stunned the world of sports with her incredible half-time show at the Super Bowl and then just a few weeks later Rock-Shocked us all with a Grammy awards television special and command performance with the one and only Metallica. The duet between James Hetfield and herself will undoubtedly go down in History as one of hard Rock music’s greatest moments, but this is all delivered by the same fine woman who sang a duets album with Tony Bennett. This writer believes that there is nothing Lady Gaga can’t do well and that although she’s amassed a fortune of hundreds of millions and is revered the world over – we are just beginning to see the tip of the iceberg!  Go out and buy your own Lady Gaga album or downloads and don’t forget to put some Metallica in your full metal basket while you’re at it !

Bruce J Maie