We at damngoodtunes.com have been publishing this web magazine for four years. We are comprised of musicians, producers, songwriters, engineers and others who have dedicated their lives to the art of music. Because the music industry is so vast and complex, it can be frustrating and oftentimes leaving artists out in the cold. We started with a belief that the  mainstream music business thinks some of us  are considered too old, too young, too thin, too large , too black or red or white or yellow or brown, or maybe they don’t like our religion, politics or orientation. And so there becomes a very thin eye of the music business needle which only opens to allow a small  percentage through the portals and onto the airwaves and other media.

We looked around and noticed what others were doing about it and found that some internet resources were as limiting in their acceptance of new artists as the super publishers and record companies. So we wanted to do more.

Artists, through the advent of the digital age have found a way to be heard and are now out selling all the major lables. What’s refreshing about all this is that some of the greatest new records are being produced on a Mac or PC with a few hundred bucks worth of softeware. So in a way, part of the problem of high costs of production has been reduced and made accessable for everyone. Still, having a great product or a great show is not enough. There’s that other little monster called ” marketing “.  What artists really need is education, lots of good information that can help them make an informed intelligent decision with their music and their career. And every artst who wants to get into the market place needs one thing more than a new PRS guitar or the right software, and that is PUBLICITY!

Enter damngoodtunes.com! We are here for Indie artists of all genres, all ages and we  give you the press that you can really use. We are also here to help music business attorneys, personal managers and management companies , music publishers and related authors and in fact anyone connected to the process of helping the indie artist get their music to the end consumer and developing fan bases. We will not talk about politics, religion, creed or sexual orientation. We do not use the ” F ” word, which I believe went out with the advent of the wheel. We will however bring you a commitment of respect and honor and be the best journalists we can be. After all, it’s all about the music.

B J Maier/publisher


2 Responses to “About”

  1. I love what you stand for Bruce. Know that I am available at all times for any help I can give to your magazing and cause. My career is extensive, my experience vast. All of it has revolved around independent music, both in my playing days as as well as my current endeavors. Hope to speak to you soon and all the best!

    Kenny Colgate
    ARK Recording Studio
    Romulus X Records
    New Jersey

    • Kenny; I thank you for the comment and the support. It takes a lot to support the artists the way we have, most of all though is that we do it because it should be done. We don’t get up in the morning and say ” how much money can we make from this artists or this story? ” Not that we’re allergic to money but that is not our motive for this publication. Please stay in touch!

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