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The Blues from Afghanistan with Rock-Khan

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Rock-et from the Front Lines Dateline: Northern Afghanistan
Rocky “Rock Khan” Nelson

This message comes to you from the ancient Silk Road area, known for being the lucrative “crossroads” of conquering armies, cultures and peoples. Diverging and diverting, settling and vanishing. All the while bringing with them Intellect, art and music. Music created by instruments to make sounds to be heard by the human ear to tell tales and to please the listener.

From time immemorial they came and left. Alexander the Great, the Brothers Khan: Genghis and Grandson Kublai who “slept here” as did Tamerlane, Babur, the Russians, Taliban, Northern Alliance and Al Qaeda. With mixed emotions following September 11, 2001, the International Security Armed Forces under NATO and a multitude of Americans also arrived trying to create an atmosphere of safety and security to this war torn country filled with loving and caring yet dangerous peoples. This is my part in this human drama of history

This truly is an place in space and time where you could think about creating a whole new Genre of Blues, the makings of American Blues that originated not only from the Delta to Chicago but from Americans that have been to Afghanistan and Iraq. Blue seems to be my basic color on the palate of my mind’s eye each night under threat of rocket attacks, IED’s, the image of the anguish on people’s faces, their needs, their desperation.

Each time I go on missions “outside the wire” in harm’s way to do my job, I take with me my “lucky charms”. Guitar picks from PNW musicians, prayers from friends, dirt from Muddy Waters home in Clarksdale MS and of course my bullet proof, Vashon Island Company, LOLLAR GUITARS logo t-shirt! Strong medicine for a superstitious, experienced war wary and weary volunteer.



Steve Miller Band

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The Steve Miller Band once again is taking the world by storm as they have traveled across North America and now into Europe. Correspondent for, Rocky Nelson brought us the Steve Miller Interview part 1 last month and now the very candid and personal follow-up has been posted.

Steve Miller press picture by T. Brown

 This part 2 interview takes place in Paris France where Nelson meets up with Miller again is a real bonus for avain Steve Miller fans and certainly for the DGT. One would have to agree that there are not many journalists who will be stateside and tell an artist like Steve Miller, ” hey man, I’ll see you in Paris this Fall. What do ya say? ” And that’s exactly how it went down. Rocky had some time to travel and hang out in Europe before he had to return to his ” day ” job working for the Army Corp Of Engineers over in Afghanastan where he was expected December 13th.

Rocky Nelson

Anyway, this is a great interview and you out to just start with part 1 if you haven’t already done so, then go on to the conclusion. Once again has reached world-class status with this classy interview of one of the coolest guys, hottest guitar players on the planet, Steve Miller. Also we have included Miller’s own video interview and sound-stage preparation for the world tour as an extra feature.

New Steve Miller Band - BINGO

Enjoy this great feature along with the New look and navigation rebuild. You’re gonna love what we did to the house!

 Bruce J Maier

Two Great New Bands

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Today we feature two excellent new bands from the Pacific Northwest and both are excellent!
From South Surrey BC just outside of Vancouver comes the Compound Blues Band, a hot Blues-Rock group that’s been around for a long time and still approaches the music with passion- as it should be!
Next we have The Paul Keller Band from Napavine Washington. Paul’s excellent vocals and stage presence is complimented not only by his guitar playing but also by the great original songs he produces and performs live, every night.Paul’s CD is already out and you can find out more about the record and The Paul Keller Band right now.Go to for the whole story today!