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Best Guitar Players ( you never heard )

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One of the Best Guitar Players
By Bruce Maier

When I was growing up and learning to play guitar I was fortunate to have a few of the real gurus of the instrument around me and to learn from, and probably wherever you are on this planet you can likely say the same thing. I guess music is just that way. We get the privilege to have these wonderful mentors around to inspire and teach.

One of the  Best Guitar Players

Mike Keller – Guitar Master

Mike Keller was someone special though; I saw him, I watched him play and I heard him for over four decades, but I never got the honor to really hang out with him and get to know the local legend that he truly was. Now I can brag and say that I did meet his dad once. He even showed me around his shop where he was building violins, but with Michael it would be many years before I would get to spend a little quality time with him at one of his concerts where he, Sherry Potter on Bass and vocals and Michael Lacey on drums were playing a Blues Festival. That was a day I will never forget!   

Best Guitar Player Michael Keller

Mike Keller and Sherry Potter

Mike Keller had such a unique style that made you think you were listening to a much larger band. The way he comped, or played his chords and his selective choices of riffs and runs in his beautiful solos. His was masterful on the instrument and didn’t have to mask his playing with too much performance. Not to say he was stoic, he just didn’t need to do much more than just be Michael, the one with a very special gift. I will always remember Mike Keller, his amazing playing and a subtle smile. He loved to play music and loved to be in the company of special people and he was indeed, very happy to take to the stage with the love of his life. He was really – one of the best!

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Canada Day and America’s 4th !

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Celebrations abound this week as Canada celebrates Canada Day and her neighbors to the south in the US return their annual festivities on the Fourth of July. One is reminded of the supreme sacrifices which Canadians and Americans have made in recent years fighting the terrible Eastern wars together in their alliance for a better world. God Bless Canada and the United States of America!