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It is hard to merely use words at a time of tragedy in what for some of us is still the early morning part of the day. The city of Aurora Colorado, nestled among the beautiful Rocky Mountains was the scene of a horrific mass-murder while innocent people were enjoying the pre-release of Dark Knight Rises and a twenty-four year old mentally disturbed man opened fire on the crowd changing lives forever, while ending others all too soon. We at Damn Good Tunes are saddened by this news and wish to offer our condolences. Our mission has never been to be a general news media outlet nor do we profess to have the tools or knowledge with which to do so however, because music is a major part of motion pictures – we recognize the impact that this senseless act will have upon the future of Dark Knight Rises, and, ultimately how the music might be perceived at those precise moments when the people in that Colorado movie theater were gunned down or injured from the gas or shrapnel. The composers, Hans Zimmer and AR Rahman and each and every member of the music support and production department had nothing to do with this tragic event other than providing a brilliant sound track to what would otherwise have become one of history’s greatest releases of the decade. There will be people and critics who will say that DNR is cursed and some will want to ban the film from public viewing; don’t listen to such nonsense, as this was a random act of violence and cowardice by a lone and sick individual. Our prayers and good thoughts go out to the victims, their families, the entire cast of the film, director Christopher Nolan and all the production crews and music producers. Peace be with you all.