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DIY to the Max – Kayla Stewart’s new CD

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Do It Yourself to the Max
by Randy Kamradt
damngoodtunes – Seattle
Kayla Stewart

I met Kayla Stewart when she ran the open mic at the Olive Branch Café in Tacoma. She always had a few songs to sing as well, which struck me as being dramatic, melodic, and catchy to the point that you got to know the songs as soon as you hear them, as if you’ve always known them. A few weeks ago she had a CD release party at the new location of the Olive Branch Café, in which she captured the best of the songs I’ve gotten to know from her open mic performances.
I’m listening to the CD now, and its minimalist to the point that you feel the intimacy of a live performance such as the many I’d heard. The CD lacks the production values that you find on many of today’s commercial CDs, but it almost adds to the sincerity that you hear in her voice and message. It’s a slap in the face to the music industry that demands that everything must be’ just so’ to be popular, as I’m enjoying listening to this almost as a live performance, in a small club that has quieted to a hush just from the power of her playing. READ THE INTERVIEW HERE