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Guitar Nation first Installment online now!

Posted in cartoon, celebrations, comic strip, Guitars on November 19, 2011 by damngoodtunes

Hey everyone! You have GOT to see the first installment of Guitar Nation and Fabulous Friends in Damn Good Tunes now! This is the start of a classic once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a new animated series being born. Dont miss it!



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Greetings everyone! I’m excited to tell you that part two of Rocky Nelson’s interview with the world famous Steve Miller is now online and on our home page. New photos and a great Steve Miller video are also included. They talk about records past and present and of course Steve is pretty excited about his latest called BINGO!

Steve Miller by Tim Brown


Backfire Band on the DGT!

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Backfire Band Interview now online at our web magazine!
Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by! Our lady Firelyn is back after a little vacation…well I guess that’s not what a kidney transplant is now is it? Yes she was actually not well for a long time and was unable to concentrate on the writing for a while as you might imagine. However, Not only has Firelyn just completed and awesome interview and review of one the the Northwest’s premiere new bands, Backfire Band, but in between April 19th and now she has also earned her Washington state Real Estate License, gone back to college full time, and…. found time to go out and meet and listen to bands all over the place! We’re happy that Firelyn has returned and with this super great interview under her belt she seems determined to take on the world! We are happy to have her back and most pleased with this fine article she published tonight in the DGT.

Two Great New Bands

Posted in Blues Band, Compound Blues Band, Guitar Player, Guitars, Independent Music, Indie Music, Interviews, Reviews, Rock Band, The Paul Keller Band on July 27, 2010 by damngoodtunes

Today we feature two excellent new bands from the Pacific Northwest and both are excellent!
From South Surrey BC just outside of Vancouver comes the Compound Blues Band, a hot Blues-Rock group that’s been around for a long time and still approaches the music with passion- as it should be!
Next we have The Paul Keller Band from Napavine Washington. Paul’s excellent vocals and stage presence is complimented not only by his guitar playing but also by the great original songs he produces and performs live, every night.Paul’s CD is already out and you can find out more about the record and The Paul Keller Band right now.Go to for the whole story today!

Great time for musicians

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Summertime is excellent for those of us who like to travel and also for performing outdoors at events in front of masses of people. I’m out here on the wets coast ( yes I said ” wets ” ) getting ready for some shows I’ve had planned for a while. We’re all happy to be playing anytime but there’s just something special about Summer that makes the guitar-pickin’ fingers work a little better me thinks! I invite your comments.
Bruce Maier/dgt

Visit Eric Normand’s website

Posted in Guitar Player, Guitars, Independent Music, Interviews, Journalism, News, recording, Reviews with tags , on June 15, 2010 by damngoodtunes

Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you know that our friend and Nashville Editor, Eric Normand has his own great website and Blog. This is great reading folks.

Guitarist, working musician, author and blogger.

Eric brings his insights and experiences from the past and the present together as only a true working musician could do. I personally love his music ideas and some of the tips like correct usage of ” Vibrato “. So check out today!

Artist of the Month – Jessie Torrisi

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Jessie Torrisi

Jessie Torrisi reached our attention late last year through our contacts at XO Publicity. She writes her own music, plays several instruments and is an exciting performing artist with her own band, The Please Please Me band of Austin Texas.
See here complete story today in DGT