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Health Notes – A Musician’s Health

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Excerpt from the newest segment of our magazine online now!

As working musicians, most of us have to go to work at various times of the day. Some of us have a day job and then we have our job as a performing musician most of the times at night. We sometimes work so many hours and the work load becomes so strenuous, we forget to consider our health. Bad news…..well, to say the least! Our health is just as important in our lives as our jobs, and in order to keep up with the demand of the jobs we have to make ends meet, we neglect our health. When one lets health go by the wayside and does not eat and get enough rest, the body will suffer, and suffer it does.
When we work so much and do not take the time to rest and eat properly, our health starts to decline and the body starts to show signs by means of feeling tired and sick, or just not enough energy to cope. Our bodies can take just so much before it starts to show signs of fatigue and starts to fail. It is a well known fact that musicians, or a large number of them, do not pay much attention to their health until they get sick. It is essential for working musicians to maintain their health and get enough rest and eat as well as possible in order to maintain the workload they are under.
Many musicians have day jobs and the hours are long and some of the jobs are hard, therefore, when the day job is over and the musician gets home, there is very little time to rest and get a proper meal, they just grab a bite and head to the gig. This sort of living will work for many young musicians but they too will eventually start to feel the wear and tear on the body. As the body ages, the times will tell on the musician and the body will suffer. Proper rest and nutrition is the key to a great performance and the ability to perform night after night as a working musician. Sometimes, eating well and eating in a timely manner isn’t always possible simply because of the schedule working musicians have to work. However, with a little effort as well as planning one’s activities, the ability to manage one’s health IS quite possible.

James Dean Fisher


Update on our dgt girls!

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Just to let you all know once again, that Firelyn and her sister Trinity are doing really well. The transplant of the kidney was a success, and though Firelyn’s doctors are trying to get a handle on her body having too much potassium, she is doing good. Trinity told the doctors she needed very little pain meds and was released to make her trek from Seattle to Flagstaff AZ by car. They turned it into a badly needed vacation but after about 2 days she realized she should have accepted the pain relievers. But she made it home, tougher than most and now is back to normal. We have given both young women an extended leave from while they rebuild their lives and health. Thank you to all the well-wishers and prayers that came in from all over the world!


About Trinity and Firelyn

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Toni and Keri

Please send your good thoughts and prayers to our two fabulous women, Trinity Lost and Firelyn  who are sisters about to undertake a life-changing event: Trinity is donating a kidney to Firelyn to  save her life.

The operation takes place on April 19th 2010 at Swedish Hospital in Seattle Washington.

As you know, Trinity is our Art and Design Editor and both she and Firelyn have been journalists for us since 2007. It is hard to imagine a DGT without them available each day as they are indispensable! But for now, they need lots of support , love and plenty of rest after the operations have been completed.  We will keep you posted on the events and progress. Meanwhile, just hold some good thoughts and prayers for these two remarkable women, who also just happen to be my daughters.


Bruce J Maier/ publisher