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Thanks for the comments and e-mails

Posted in Hereafter, Karma, Life with tags on April 23, 2011 by damngoodtunes

Our story about our friend Clyde Blosl which we have published in, here at WordPress and also my own personal band site has received a lot of love and attention and so I want to thank you all. As I just mentioned to a subscriber, Clyde’s life was not in vain, for he made his mark and spread a lot of love and good music around.

Many of us writers and aspiring ” superstars ” aim for the big time with all the fame and fortune but really, what is the ” big time ” ? At the end of this part of life’s journey if your book notes are inscribed
as inspirational , loved, loving, kind, fair, compassionate, trustworthy and perhaps even talented…then hey – you’ve had the greatest existence most could ever hope for. Life is not about the money or the things we aquire while we’re here. We can’t take any of it with us. ( didn’t work out so hot for King Tut did it? ) When we come into this world with nothing but skin and blood corsing through our veins and yet we can rise above the sea of sameness and create love and relationships, and a respect line of those that are left in pain when it is our time to go…then we’ve really had a great life and figured it all out along our pathway. Maybe Clyde didn’t know how much he was worth but in the end it was known by all who knew him.

Have a great Easter no matter what your faith. Just use this time to be closer with your family and friends. We never know when we might get that last long-distance call.