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Been a while but here’s why

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Dear readers and folowers of Damn Good Tunes(.com);

We are very much still in business but have been working with a reduced crew and a full load of publishing of articles and interviews. In my personal life someone very dear to me and my family was taken ill one month ago and is now making a full recovery, so we are moving forward once again.
This has been an incredible summer season which has been filled with tragedy and pain for many with the storms and the spring floods and don’t forget the devastating Japan earthquake. Many people are still trying to get back on their feet. Heck, the folks from hurricane Katrina haven’t fully done that even yet so it’s hard for people. Very hard. Still, the music, the ” show must go on ” and go on it has. There’s a lot of great music happening around the world and much of it is coming from the USA despite our failing economy and tired old politicians whose actions and the trickle-down effect on Wall Street affects everyone. Musicians already had a hard enough time just trying to survive, let alone to secure financing for their equipment. Guitars, amps, drums and keyboards and PA systems are as vital as a carpenter’s box of power tools. You have to have them so you can make the music. So we’re all feeling it. Oh yes, just in case
you don’t know, this publisher wasn’t born with a silver spoon so I’m still a working musician out there hitting the gigs like the rest of you. No ivory towers on the DGT account!
As we all head into the Fall which is coming up on us like a solar storm, let’s try and keep our wits about us and do the right things and be real good at what we love to do. Myself, I would be happy to entertain anyone who will listen. It’s just a lot better when we’re professionally acknowledged and compensated.
Whatever you’ve been through wherever you are sitting and reading this, just know that DGT is on your side. We feel you, we know. Our prayers and good thoughts continue on for those of you who lost so much these past months. Take care.



The Events of Recent Times

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Since the beginning of recorded time, mankind has faced unlimited challenges from the environment we live in, which at worst can seem hostile. In reality though, it is the growing pains of evolution. Wild beasts, extreme temperatures, volcanoes and earthquakes have tested our ancestors with each passing day. Times, to say the least were very hard. But it was never the elements which made life as tough as man’s ability to get along with and love his fellow human relatives and neighbors. Thankfully we humans have developed some skills unique to our mammalian species, in that we have learned to sing, make instruments and create other forms of art. Music is important to those of us fortunate to hear sounds and rhythms. This writer feels that music is one of those extrordinary elements which helps keep the balance of the universe. Many a lonely night were spent on the praries, the jungles or the mountains when man amused himself and perhaps those near him by humming, whistling, beating a drum or otherwise playing an instrument to help pass the time. When the woes of the world are getting us down, the song or the beat or a simple flute’s melody can be uplifting and inspiring. Religious groups have incorporated music into their prayers and services throughout the world because it feels ” Godly ” to them, bringing them a sense that their creator is closer and is listening to their praising melodies. Some say that music rides on the wind, the ocean waves or by the call of the great eagle or the song of the whale. Whatever way that music is perceived and experienced it is part of the enrichment of life which may reside in memory or be spontaniously launched by inspiration of the moment. No hurricane, tornado, volcano, earthquake or tsunami can diminish the musical spirit of mother earth’s people, as our own mother’s soothing voice relaxed us to sleep safely in her arms.