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Posted in Horoscope with tags on November 24, 2010 by damngoodtunes

Stars are talking…and what do they say? Find out today in our most fun feature called
DAILY HOROSCOPE with Linda C Black. It’s absolutely free and you just might learn something about your future.
When we were re-designing our website we realized that readers love
to be entertained and even sidetracked. As a publisher though we try
to allow our readers to engage with things that are relevant to who they are and what they want, such as the targeted ads. So rather than creating an off-site gaming experience we chose to incorporate the mastery of renowned psychic Linda C Black and Daily Horoscope to give you our readers a little break from our regular content, yet maybe ad another reason for you to want to come back day after day, check your horoscope and maybe catch up on the latest new band or CD that’s just been released. Have fun with life!



Posted in Horoscope with tags , , on July 10, 2010 by damngoodtunes

On damngoodtunes we added a nice and fun little feature that a lot of our readers really love: HOROSCOPE DAILY with Linda C. Black
Please stop in and get your free horoscope today. Maybe this is exactly the right time in your life to make that change, move to LA or to invest in that new piece of equipment you want for the studio.Whatever it is, you may find the answers here. Linda C. Black is a noted and experienced professional and she lays it all out in a simple way that everyone can understand. Highly recommended!