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Our Most Important Story

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Can music stop human slavery? Is it true that there are over 12 million known child sex workers in the world? How far will six ” Indie ” bands go to stop this madness? Watch for the answer soon.



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Jamaica, the fine neighbor to the America’s has recently been under siege. The civil unrest and the murders taking place primarily in Kingston has created a state of emergency for the innocent citizens and particularly the musicians and artists who live there. The two primary sources of income are through tourism and the arts which up until now have always flourished there. But truth be told, the sale and exportation of illegal drugs had created another huge cash crop, and of course there are those who manage and control that drug industry – evil individuals who will stop at nothing including murder to insure their profit streams.

Damn Good Tunes made a vow in the beginning that we would always just be about the music, that we would leave the politics and religion to The Rolling Stoners of the world, but as we have evolved we became attuned to the fact that when an ideology or government body or a cultural territorial drug-war inhibits the freedoms and the livelihood of the artists and musicians who suffer, then that is also relevant news. Actually good journalism practice is to report on those very things that keep music from finding it’s way to the world.So,we have an obligation to fulfill to you, the readers.
Our WORLD MUSIC reporter, Parris has recently told us that she has lost three good friends in Jamaica who were brilliant musicians – lost to this terrible time of the drug wars and unrest in Kingston.

Join us this month as Parris, our “Ms. P” reports on the real music news of the world in a way of truth and refinement like no other. She was born there and it is these proud Jamaicans who hold her homeland for her return again someday. Watch for this report in

Artist of the Month – Jessie Torrisi

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Jessie Torrisi

Jessie Torrisi reached our attention late last year through our contacts at XO Publicity. She writes her own music, plays several instruments and is an exciting performing artist with her own band, The Please Please Me band of Austin Texas.
See here complete story today in DGT