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Getting Happy

Posted in Happy, Iran, Pharrell Williams with tags , on May 24, 2014 by damngoodtunes

 Bruce J Maier

We keep moving forward at such a pace, sometimes it seems we are someone else walking in our own shoes! Who is this wearing my shirt? Then you look into the mirror and there’s that same John / Jane Doe that was here yesterday  – one who is so caught up in all one’s other tasks and responsibilities that you just ran out of time to make an entry into the Blog!

With all these Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other such social sites that we participate in, sometimes we prioritize in the wrong directions. Word Press, our DGT blog has always been important to our readers as a synopsis of the total content from the magazine and it serves as a conduit to engage and attract more followers and…we do appreciate each one of you.

Over the years Damn Good Tunes has tried to keep our creed and code in tact wherein we never cross the lines of politics, religion or orientation. From time to time though, unfortunate events occur in the world that have either a direct or somewhat indirect impact on the music and the people that create it. When we notice things like the Iranian government putting it’s citizens in jail for making a cover version of Pharrell Williams’ wonderful #1 hit  ” Happy ” then we joyfully cross the ” Blurred Lines ” penetrating the thick shell of our mission statement.  Why should people be oppressed for playing music anywhere in 2014?

So, we will usually be there for the readers, the fans, the bands and record makers as a simple vehicle to provide good exposure and free press. But sometimes we might just stop sitting on our thumbs , climb the bell tower and ring, celebrate the chimes of freedom.


Watch this inspiring video and wonder as we did, why Iran just can’t ” get  Happy ”




Rappers in Iran Arrested

Posted in Amnesty International, Iran, persecution with tags , , on November 7, 2010 by damngoodtunes

Music makers and beat makers around the world. Be happy if your country and your society allow you to express yourselves without fear of prosecution. Except for a pretty fair deal with the US censorship laws where artists here must disclose on the CD label if the nature of the lyrical content may be adult or graphic, we are free because we have freedom of speech . Not so in Iran where today a group of young aspiring rap artists have been arrested and also confiscating “ western style instruments “. Oh my God ( Allah) these kids might be using guitars, drum machines and synthesizers to initiate a cou d’etat !

No beats for you!

Yes and they were having a little alcohol to set the mood while they were uploading music through the internet and illegal satellite networks. Hey Iran, get a life and join the twenty-first century! Young people love music and although some of us older people don’t understand the lyrics or the messages it’s not a revolution going on. It’s simply expression and every human being needs to express. In all fairness to our Iranian brothers and sisters ( all equals to us, sorry if not to you ) it is true these kids were using abandoned homes to run their “ operation “ and there may have been some violations of laws or ordinances they should have complied with. However, there was probably no such type of an arts and media center in which they could write, produce, record and upload music and develop their skills into something that just may someday earn them a living. Reading that the local police chief there said these kids were using “trashy, juvenile and street-like words and phrases that have no place in proper grammar,” almost makes me want to laugh except that I now these kids are in for a terrible ordeal. Because girls in Iran have been raped while in jail awaiting a hearing, I don’t trust any of their authorities. And because the entire justice system hasn’t been updated since the Achaemenid Empire of 300BC, the rest of the world for the most part views as barbaric. These kids don’t stand a fair shot at justice for their “ crimes “. I urge the world of readers to investigate this story, share it, post in forums and protest this action against a group of young people , very much like yourselves. Music is the universal language. The beat will set you free!