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Ventura County Blues Festival

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Mickey Jones - Johnny Rivers

Mickey Jones – Johnny Rivers

This year’s Ventura County Blues Festival was held at the Moorpark College grounds in Moorpark California on April 27th. This event, formally known as the Simi Valley Blues Festival is now in it’s eighth year and without a doubt festival founder Michael John went all out on this one!

Each Year Michael has produced one of these events to support the American Diabetes Association. This year’s event started out with Musician, Actor and all around great guy Mickey Jones, who introduced the acts and kept the party rolling. Featured artists included opening act Michael John and The Bottom Line followed by Preston Smith and The Crocodiles, Donna Oxford and internationally known artists such as Savoy Brown, Johnny Rivers and Kenny Neal. The festival held once a year attracts artists who feel the cause is right. Consequently the music is nothing short of great!

The music started around eleven a.m. and went to around seven thirty in the evening with a birds-eye guess of an attendance in excess of four thousand spectators and music aficionados. A family friendly event with many vendors and plenty of great food available, the audience was treated to a special appearance by none other than George Thorogood, who wound up doing a few tunes with Johnny Rivers to set the stage on fire and cap off a perfect day of Blues and amazing performances! At the conclusion there was a silent auction for a guitar signed by all of the acts.

In my opinion it doesn’t get any better than this. I drove all the way from Washington State to be there among the fans and to hang with my good friend Mickey Jones. I will be more than happy to make a return visit to the 2014 Ventura County Blues Festival. See you there!

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By Tony Lacey


Tribute Song and Documentary Film

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David Shriver was a friend to me for many years. David had been the Bass player on the electric Fender Bass for Eddie Cochran( Summertime Blues )in the late nineteen-fifties. After that he was world famous as the musical director for Trini Lopez which was an opportunity that brought him together as a friend to the Beatles and many more  amazing artists. Mickey Jones, who was Trini’s drummer, went on to be the drummer for Kenny Rogers and the First Edition. After that, he became a  famous actor of television and the Big Screen – then a best-selling author ( That Would Be Me ). Mickey Jones

Left to right: Bruce Maier, David Shriver and Mickey Jones

and I became great friends because of David, and when David passed away this year we were all devastated. We orchestrated a four-day memorial music jam in his honor and for some, there was closure. For myself, there was still a  story to be told and the best way I could tell it I believe is through music. Though the two of us found ourselves in the same band ( Clayton Watson and the Trends ) in the 1980s David had spent his remaining half-dozen years as my Bass player and he never ceased to amaze me at his playing ability and creativity. So, I meditated a long while and I was sent (I believe by Spirit) a great song about our friend and brother Dave. There was still more that needed to be done so I started calling on people who knew and loved David, especially those who had worked with him for long periods of time and I asked if they would participate – help me to tell the world about a gentle soul , a masterful musician who never begged to be famous or longed for his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. He just wanted to play music; any kind of music from symphonic classical to Blues, Jazz, Country and Rock and Roll. He was good at all of it. Very good.

David was what is called in show business, a ” side-man “. These side-men and women are the cement, the foundations of a successful act, for without the proper support of the foundation, the rest of the structure is weak – in my opinion. Yet side-persons never get the recognition they deserve and I would like to – through this documentary film and song – start the changing of the trend. I fully intend to tell the story of a great man, incredible Bassist and an artist  whose heart was known by many, and with my incredible team including Mickey Jones and Northwest legend Clayton Watson, we will also show the larger picture of the importance of being part of a humble yet strong foundation in music and the arts. Please join us in this  adventure where we will celebrate and share the life and the passion of a man who  never had anything bad to say about anyone. The link to all the information is right here. Please send this out to everyone you know! Thank you. Bruce Maier / publisher /damngoodtunes