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Nashville Independent Songwriter’s Festival

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The  following article is an excerpt from the works of our very own  Nashville Editor , James Dean Fisher. James has been with our company for over three years now and he brings a warm light of experience and insights about the music business that only a veteran of Nashville for nearly forty years would be capable of delivering.

James Dean Fisher – Nashville DGT Editor and Journalist



Another year has come and gone, another Nashville Independent songwriters Festival has come and gone! ” Popcorn,” along with many people as volunteers, has brought about another historical event, of which focused solely on the independent songwriter. Songwriters, independents as well as writers that write as,” Signed writers,” for established publishing houses and record companies, gather in one area in the vicinity of” Music row” to allow the public, as well as the music industry, to see and hear the songs/product, they, as songwriters create.
The songwriter is the heart and soul of the songs that are recorded in today’s recorded music industry. Here in music city, it is a fact, thousands of people come to this great city thinking they are great song crafters. Just ask most anyone on the street, a club, bar or in general conversation, why they came to music city. Nine out of ten times, the answer will be; I am a songwriter/artist. Here in Music City, it is also a commonly known fact, eight out of ten are not writers or artists and will never even get a” Cut.”
The Nashville Independent songwriters Festival is put on each year here in Music City for the established songwriters as well as the struggling songwriters and it is a great event of which writers get to know each other and are able to network and perform with a variety of writers. With that being said, the Nashville Independent songwriters Festival of 2012 was a success, however, there were many, many changes in this year’s event and the event was very closely contained, scaled-back to fit into a small area. There were no main stages, there were no ” Headliners” or any featured artists.

As an artist/writer and entertainer, I personally look for venues that will benefit the songwriters and artist that are looking at the songwriter for products/songs that he or she could and would record. This year’s event mostly benefited the club owners in the area that allowed the songwriters to perform on their stages. There was not a” Main stage” or a main event to attract the people from around Nashville and middle Tennessee.

As the writer/editor for the music magazine,, I have covered the Nashville songwriters Festival for the past three years. As a reporter, I sat and talked to many writers as well as people that came to Music city to attend the songwriters Festival, about the 2012 songwriters Festival and sadly, I received for too many negatives about this year’s festival! I found that many were disappointed and confused about where all the events were to take place. I also found that many of the attendees were unhappy about the stages being located in bars and clubs. As a writer/song-crafter, I was invited to perform on several stages and perform i did. I was able to meet and speak with several of my old friends and perform with some of them.

As a reporter, I found many people from all over the USA there to perform at the 2012 songwriters festival. Many were young and new with all the usual dreams of becoming the next “Big Thang!” I enjoyed the festival and hope to see the event grow and become the largest songwriters festival in the world! POPCORN, my friend, I’m with you all the way!!!



Charlie Louvin

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Charlie Louvin's 2010 CD release

Unfortunately cancer has taken it’s toll on Country music legend Charlie Louvin. But he did give the devil a good run for his money and fought the good fight. Charlie Louvin and his brother Ira rode the top of the charts and hit number one in 1955. Ira lost his life ten years later in an auto accident, but Charlie, in unfailing memory of his brother Ira, pressed on for decades to bring the fans the great music that he and his brother had created. Please see our tribute today in

Interview with Platinum Hit writer!

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Join us this week as our Nashville reporter James Dean Fisher brings us an interview with Roy August who enjoys the distinction of being a songwriter who has scored multi-platinum records including “Sitting Here Fancy Free” for the Oak Ridge Boys back in the 1980’s. Mr. August has written over 1000 songs to date and is able to live the lifestyle that many up and coming writers would one day love to emulate. The pre-story appears right now at so stop on by today!

Roy August with some of his Gold and Platinum records

Tales In The Honky-Tonks……

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Tales In The Honky-Tonks of Music City, Nashville Tennessee
By James Dean Fisher
November, 2010
Music City USA is a large southern city sitting in the middle of the country where a large percentage of the music recorded for radio and television is created and marketed. Many of the “hits” heard on the radio is and has been recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. The entertainment and recording industries work hand in hand with the writers, engineers and producers and musicians to get the songs and music recorded and out to the public. GAC and many other outlets play the songs for the music listing audience and music sales. This part of the music scene in Music City is the talk of many listeners and music buyers, yet, many of them never see how the music is recorded or where and know little about how it gets to the buying public. Music City is the heart of the industry but it is also the home of thousands of musicians that work in the industry and the road. They consist of singers, pickers, writers, roadies and engineers, producers and people that sell the products and sell tickets. Nashville is a melting pot for the mix that make up the music industry and the entertainment community called “Music City.”
( Read the rest of Jame’s story in today! )

Backfire Band on the DGT!

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Backfire Band Interview now online at our web magazine!
Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by! Our lady Firelyn is back after a little vacation…well I guess that’s not what a kidney transplant is now is it? Yes she was actually not well for a long time and was unable to concentrate on the writing for a while as you might imagine. However, Not only has Firelyn just completed and awesome interview and review of one the the Northwest’s premiere new bands, Backfire Band, but in between April 19th and now she has also earned her Washington state Real Estate License, gone back to college full time, and…. found time to go out and meet and listen to bands all over the place! We’re happy that Firelyn has returned and with this super great interview under her belt she seems determined to take on the world! We are happy to have her back and most pleased with this fine article she published tonight in the DGT.