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New Music, staying ” open “

Posted in new music, open mind on April 22, 2011 by damngoodtunes

I can honestly say that It is my business to listen to new music all the time, every day. Though a song may not be my cup of tea I still love and respect what the new artists are expressing, and unlike when I was growing up in music when there were just a handful of ” rock ” genres, today there are dozens. Pop means something different than it did in 1970 ( thank God! ) and Country could now mean a ” New York City ” sort of way, for Country music is now appreciated in more urban areas on every continent than ever before. It’s all good!

Remembering back when I told everyone I didn’t like Hip-Hop it was mainly because I hadn’t listened with my mind all the way open. Now I listen to everything current and still find time for my ” old school ” styles which I will go down defending to the end but hey … I’m loving music more today than I did thirty years ago. There’s room for everyone in my head, how about you?