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Casey Kasem Reaches The Stars

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A Star Among Stars

A Star Among Stars

Commentary by Bruce J Maier
When I was a young lad attempting to make my worldly connection to music via Radio it was the engaging voice of Casey Kasem who kept me glued to the the kitchen (AM) radio, and it would be he who would play a major role in my desire to pursue not only live performance and songwriting, but also broadcasting and television production.

The world is saddened today with the passing of yet another legend; a golden  voice, a man with a warm smile who, several times a week for over sixty years, politely and at times humorously not only spun the top ten hits but also told the listeners and viewers about the bands, the songwriters and their inspirations which created the songs, instead of talking on and on  about himself or his sponsors. Casey Kasem was an original. May we all heed his words; ” Keep your feet in the ground and  keep reaching for the stars “


The Seventh Year of Damn Good

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When I began this journey into the unknown of publishing a web-based music magazine there were no illusions or false expectations, just a vision and instinct  based on one simple philosophy – helping others.  I wasn’t this guy who had been president of the school newspaper or anything nor was I some kind of literary and grammar genius.  I just wanted to help musicians, and for the sake of purpose for the new readers who don’t know me / us at DGT, here is why:

The music industry is in a way like the eye of a needle, only enough room in the doorway of opportunity for a select few to enter, be promoted and  then to  become successful. That’s nothing new to  the art of music, dance, theater and art itself. There’s a lot of talent out there in the world, most would agree. But I saw it as  an  uneven challenge always leaning to favor the super-attractive, the more youthful and those with the most dollars behind them. With the way the world has been growing technologically there came some new advantages but not enough to break through the stigma of talent vs. looks and money and it all came down to one thing; promotion.

All songwriter-singers and bands no matter if they are Indie or signed to a major label need publicity, so we decided to level the  above-mentioned playing field by offering a new system that was not an exclusive club. It’s not closed to large, small, old, young,  black, white, red, brown people, grey haired, no hair, long-haired  – it’s open for everyone. Race, creed, political views and orientation have no meaning here at DGT and we  do not and will not ever spin a story that is based on bias or prejudice. We’ll let the big boys of publishing do that. All we want to do is write reviews and conduct interviews with deserving talent and keep it family friendly in the process.

Since 2007 we have been making friends all over the globe and  we have earned respect through simple guidelines and a shared philosophy among our writers. We have also partnered with some of the best other ” like ” industry leaders such as the Country Music Association, XO Publicity, Music Clout, Countrified Canada and as of most recent so that we might expand further and bring our readers more related news and information that they might not otherwise have seen. These affiliate partners provide content which  enhances our original features  and gives our fans and readers a great totally free web magazine experience. There are no fees or locked content – it’s all there for you to see and hear right there on your Pad, phone or computer.

This dream might never have come so far were it not for the efforts of my daughter Trinity, who heads up the art and design department and  doubles as a writer in many different areas of music. Then we have James Dean Fisher who has been with us for over five years bringing us the Indie Country music world the way that only a  Nashville Tennessee resident of near forty years could tell. James is joined by Linda Mewhirter, Randy Kamradt and Dr. Kenneth Love who are all outstanding people and extremely knowledgeable of the music industry. Last but not least, and perhaps our golden star is Lou Anne Michel, who has been bringing a smile to people all over the world with her exclusive Cartoon-Guitar characters in Guitar Nation and Fabulous Friends! We might have been a bit too determined and serious until our little guitar buddies came along, and they add something fun and  relaxing to the wonderful magazine we have become.

Yes, this article is laced with pride isn’t it? Yep, it’s been a great seven years and now is on its way to becoming an internationally recognized brand known for truth and ethics and for being a real friend to musicians and songwriters  all over the planet. We didn’t buy our respect, we earned it. We didn’t buy our following with a SEO company, we couldn’t afford it so we built it ourselves through social networking and time-tested word-of-mouth. Imagine that !

Special thanks to all past contributors including Rocky Nelson,  Kris Edem,  Firelyn, Jessie Torrisi, Ms P, Linda Harboth and Kevin Limiti

Guitar Nation comic comes to DGT!

Guitar Nation comic comes to DGT!

Bruce J Maier / CEO

Local Sales Outlets for Your Music

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Editor’s forward:
We would like to welcome Dr. Kenneth Love of Dallas Texas to and our WordPress blog. Dr. Kenneth Love holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education, a Master of Business Administration degree in Business Marketing, and a PhD in Business Marketing. He has been a consultant to the music industry in several capacities for decades and is a respected and accomplished Jazz artist and  composer. ” Mubiz with Dr Kenneth Love ” can be found in our web magazine at this time in  SPECIAL FEATURE  . Please enjoy the talents of this man who dedicates his life to the world of music, and helping others to achieve their dreams. Bruce J Maier /publisher
artist, musician, radio personality, consultant, composer

Dr. Kenneth Love

The Music industry and its respective music buyers have not, yet, strictly endorsed a digital music file environment for sales.  As such, musicians/recording artists are still expected to have CDs available for both representing their music and for sale, particularly, during their live performances.
The below list presents various types of local sales outlets and sources in your own home area that you may have never considered for selling your music but which may be interested in carrying your music for sale for their particular clients and customers while, simultaneously, increasing their business financial bottom line.
In a number of the below outlets, the clients and customers are already “captive” audiences, so to speak, who are already waiting on a product or service, such as doctors’ offices, coffee houses, barber/beauty shops, nail salons, etc.  So, why not work with these types of businesses in order to promote, publicize, and sell your music through them and to their clients and customers as they wait for their main service.
You should treat this process much like “music consignment,” which is what it is.  To be clear, you need to initially approach the business owner or manager with this proposal, offer to let them have a copy to listen to, then get back with them a week or so later to learn if you may provide them with copies of your music for sale.  If they agree, you then provide them with a consignment agreement (which both you and them will sign and retain copies), leave approximately 5 copies of your music, then (call first) and return a week or so later to collect money for any sales made.
Additionally, most of these sources already have their own in-house music system playing, so in order to encourage sales from their clients and customers, you should ask them to add your music to their own in-house “playlist” as well as make a copy of your music visible in the waiting area.
I have also suggested certain genres that I feel will lend themselves best to the particular businesses below; however, it will also depend on the business owners personal tastes, as well.
NOTE: Be sure to (mainly) concentrate on small independent “Mom & Pop” type businesses as they are the most likely to be interested and supportive.
1. Music retail stores (Any)
2. Bookstores (Mostly soft, Jazz, New Age, but depends on store)
3. Flower shops (soft Folk, New Age, Jazz)
4. Boot stores (Country, Americana)
5. Western wear (Country, Americana)
6. Restaurants (Any, but depends on restaurant)
7. Church stores (Gospel, Christian)
8. Christian bookstores (Gospel, Christian)
9. Doctors’ offices (Soft Rock, Pop Rock, New Age, Jazz)
10. Convenience stores (Any)
11. Airport gift shops (Any)
12. Bus station gift shops (Any)
13. Train station gift shops (Any)
14. Electronics stores (Any)
15. Office supplies (Any)
16. Corporate/company cafeterias (Jazz, New Age, Soft Rock)
17. Jewelry stores (Soft Rock, Jazz, New Age)
18. Barber shops (Any)
19. Beauty shops (Any)
20. Nail salons (Any)
21. Sports shops (Any)
22. Health clubs (Rock, Dance, Electronica)
23. Apartment management offices (Any)
24. Variety stores (Any)
25. Game arcades (Rock, Dance, Electronica)
26. Bed & Breakfast Inns (Jazz, New Age, Soft Rock)
27. Bridal consultants (Jazz, New Age, Soft Rock)
28. Bridal stores (Jazz, New Age, Soft Rock)
29. Tuxedo shops (Jazz, New Age, Soft Rock)
30. Bridal services (Jazz, New Age, Soft Rock)
31. Clothes cleaners (Any)
32. Mainstream clothing stores (Any)
33. Shoe stores (Any)
34. Coffee houses (Jazz, New Age, Soft Rock)
35. Computer stores (Any)
36. Eyeglass stores (Any)
37. Consignment shops (Any)
38. Farm supply stores (Country)
39. Flea markets (Any)
40. Swap shops (Any)
41. Formal wear stores (Any)
42. College bookstores (Any)
43. College music stores (Any)
44. Gift shops (Any)
45. Hardware stores (Any)
46. Hospital gift shops (Any)
47. Hotel gift shops (Any)
48. Insurance companies (Any)
49. Massage therapists (Jazz, New Age, Soft Rock)
50. Cellular telephone services (Any)
51. Motorcycle shops (Any)
52. Night clubs (Depends on the genre)
53. Party supply stores (Any)
54. Pawn shops (Any)
55. Cosmetic stores (Any)
56. Satellite dish stores (Any)
57. Thrift shops (Any)
58. Vehicle repair shops (Any)

Editor’s Note: Dr. Kenneth Love is a Jazz musician, recording artist, and writer/author.  More details about him may be learned at and, respectively.