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Pray for Japan

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When the earthquakes of Chile and Haiti of this past year occurred, we at expressed or sympathies for the families of loved ones lost, and the empathy for the pain and suffering felt by their people. And again recently the good people of New Zealand experienced two devastating earthquakes which caused loss of life and terrible damage. Because of our nature as a music web-magazine, we intend to concentrate on the music of the world but that’s just it – music is the world ! Musicians and songwriters are among those who have lost so much in these catastrophes such as the flooding in Nashville Tennessee. Once again nature’s wrath has aimed her fury upon the earth to strike our friends and good worldly neighbors, Japan. And on this day- only a few from the initial impact we stand united with the rest of the world in shock.
No one could have prepared better for earthquakes or tsunami waves more than the Japanese citizens and her government yet no preparation was adequate for the mighty 8.9 earthquake in the Pacific Sea but only a few kilometers from inhabited near sea-level land, farms, towns and scores of people. Now in this hour we are told that a possible nuclear meltdown may occur in at least one or two energy plants and although the perimeter has been evacuated it is anyone’s guess how far the damages from this, the first nuclear accident since Chernobyl, might extend.
This is a time of dire need for the basics of life for the residents of Japan and we all know where we can contact agencies or groups who can help, but this is also a time for those of us of faith to pray for or otherwise send our healing energies to our Japanese brothers and sisters. That is all I ask of you dear readers. Just pray and offer positive love vibrations to those who have lost so much, and for those who have yet to lose. Play your music with passion. Write good songs and make this lesson of life and nature give you strength and clarity for your true purpose. Remember these hard times and that songwriters, singers, musicians and producers just like ourselves living abroad badly need our support. Long live the music and may the children soon sing happily once more.