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New Bands and Songwriters

Posted in Harmonica, Interviews with tags , , , on March 21, 2012 by damngoodtunes

Coming late this week and later this month are some exciting new artists we will be presenting in Damn Good Tunes! First off from Melbourne Australia it’s the Hail Mary Band, a cutting edge, hard-rock band with a melodic drive. Hail Mary Band was presented to us through our friend Hunt Talent Management Management of California.Next is singer and songwriter Dustin Morris who calls his home Colorado. Dustin has a unique voice and cool vibe with his high-tenor yet soft-as-silk delivery not unlike Dan Fogelberg or Paul Simon. Cool and refreshing, Dustin Morris is a name I think we’ll be hearing a lot from over the next twenty or so years.

CD cover from Dustin Morris' self-titled release

Terry Holder is a great singer, songwriter and performing artist who has been at this – the music business for quite a few years. Her experience has molded her into a singer whose voice, though really different that Dustin Morris mentioned above, likewise falls so easily on the ears and I could listen to her all night. She reminded me of an earlier Linda Ronstadt with maybe a little of Emmylou Harris in there too and that’s a good thing. Singers with a tone that make me want to hear a song over and over are rare and hard to find.

The Cell From Czechoslovakia came to our attention recently as well as these other fine artists mentioned above but there is something about this band that knocks me out! Just when I had them pegged as a European band doing a tribute to the great sounds of the American South, like a Lynyrd  Skynyrd or 38  Special, Molly Hatchett etc., they threw me a huge curve with the two female background vocalists stepping out front and singing the lead on two great songs on the new CD. WOW! I was really impressed and we will be doing an interview and review with The Cell in the near future.

Our final announcement today is that we’re really excited to be soon bringing you a story which will feature Jon Gindick, who Blues Legend BB King said is ” the foremost authority ” on the instruction of the Blues Harmonica. Jon is a professional music coach and performing artists who has written and published some fifteen books on the art of the Harmonica and he leads a Master class instruction seminar in the state of Mississippi every summer. We are presently reviewing two of Jon’s best selling books and will be bringing our interview within a couple of weeks. I spoke to Jon at his California home via telephone last weekend and found him to be an extremely interesting gentleman. Not everyone can play music or has the desire to carry a truckload of equipment from town to town, searching for fame. But nearly anyone can carry a harmonica in their pocket. This should be a very fun review!