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Damn Good Tunes rebuild

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Dear friends,  fans and co-bloggers here on Word-Press;

It is my pleasure to announce that has had a  major face-lift and has a better layout with easier navigation. We’ve learned a lot since 2007 when we started on this mission – how to be a  totally self-contained business entity without hiring a professional webmaster or SEO companies who would promise to drive traffic to us….all for a tidy some of cash we didn’t have to spend.

So cruise on by and take a look at the all new today!

Bruce Maier/ publisher



Nashville Independent Songwriter’s Festival

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The  following article is an excerpt from the works of our very own  Nashville Editor , James Dean Fisher. James has been with our company for over three years now and he brings a warm light of experience and insights about the music business that only a veteran of Nashville for nearly forty years would be capable of delivering.

James Dean Fisher – Nashville DGT Editor and Journalist



Another year has come and gone, another Nashville Independent songwriters Festival has come and gone! ” Popcorn,” along with many people as volunteers, has brought about another historical event, of which focused solely on the independent songwriter. Songwriters, independents as well as writers that write as,” Signed writers,” for established publishing houses and record companies, gather in one area in the vicinity of” Music row” to allow the public, as well as the music industry, to see and hear the songs/product, they, as songwriters create.
The songwriter is the heart and soul of the songs that are recorded in today’s recorded music industry. Here in music city, it is a fact, thousands of people come to this great city thinking they are great song crafters. Just ask most anyone on the street, a club, bar or in general conversation, why they came to music city. Nine out of ten times, the answer will be; I am a songwriter/artist. Here in Music City, it is also a commonly known fact, eight out of ten are not writers or artists and will never even get a” Cut.”
The Nashville Independent songwriters Festival is put on each year here in Music City for the established songwriters as well as the struggling songwriters and it is a great event of which writers get to know each other and are able to network and perform with a variety of writers. With that being said, the Nashville Independent songwriters Festival of 2012 was a success, however, there were many, many changes in this year’s event and the event was very closely contained, scaled-back to fit into a small area. There were no main stages, there were no ” Headliners” or any featured artists.

As an artist/writer and entertainer, I personally look for venues that will benefit the songwriters and artist that are looking at the songwriter for products/songs that he or she could and would record. This year’s event mostly benefited the club owners in the area that allowed the songwriters to perform on their stages. There was not a” Main stage” or a main event to attract the people from around Nashville and middle Tennessee.

As the writer/editor for the music magazine,, I have covered the Nashville songwriters Festival for the past three years. As a reporter, I sat and talked to many writers as well as people that came to Music city to attend the songwriters Festival, about the 2012 songwriters Festival and sadly, I received for too many negatives about this year’s festival! I found that many were disappointed and confused about where all the events were to take place. I also found that many of the attendees were unhappy about the stages being located in bars and clubs. As a writer/song-crafter, I was invited to perform on several stages and perform i did. I was able to meet and speak with several of my old friends and perform with some of them.

As a reporter, I found many people from all over the USA there to perform at the 2012 songwriters festival. Many were young and new with all the usual dreams of becoming the next “Big Thang!” I enjoyed the festival and hope to see the event grow and become the largest songwriters festival in the world! POPCORN, my friend, I’m with you all the way!!!


Artist Of The Month Corinne McKnight

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Young Lady with a Fresh Voice

Corinne McKnight first came to our attention a few months ago and we have been paying close attention to how she’s been developing as an artist ever since. Corinne doesn’t have a big over-trained voice and she doesn’t write songs about what’s going on in the world, our society or political views nor does she sing about the deep dark perils of love that has been lost. She doesn’t sing about the bottle or her old pickup truck either. She sings about life from the viewpoint of a young teenaged girl.  Her song  ” Boys, Boys, Boys ” just about sums it up! This writer helped raise three daughters and I think Corinne’s take on being attracted to and finding herself attractive to the boys around her is a healthy expression to one’s coming of age.

Thing is it seems that most of the kids who are recording and movie stars today are dressing and acting like they’re in their twenties and thirties. Trust me – that time will come. It can wait. So, it’s nice to hear a fresh unpretentious voice that is clearly coming from reality and the heart, and there’s just nothing wrong with that. For more on this very nice young talent, see Corinne McKnight, our Artist of the Month, as interviewed by Trinity Lost in Damn Good Tunes today!

Dario Plevnik of Croatia

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Dario Plevnik lives in Croatia and is well known all over Europe for his fine guitar playing and songwriting. Dario has been featured as our Artist Of The Month for March, 2010. If you have not read this article, please get over there and find out why we love Mr Plevnik and his music.

James Dean Fisher

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A couple weeks back we told you about Mr Fisher joining our staff and working with Editor, Eric Normand. Today in the DGT, you can get to know James a little starting off on the Home Page ” Music City Is My Home “.Our own James Dean

James actually has resided in Nashville for over thirty years and has some pretty “darn good” workingman’s insights about life around Music City. He knows what it takes to be there and live a good life. James pulls no punches and tells it like it is. That’s what we like about him. Check him out today!

Derek prepared for SXSW

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Many of you are following Derek Sivers and know of his presentation at SXSW. For those who were not in attendance Derek says that it took over 60 hours of prep time for his presentation. Some of you gave short videos where you talked about the value of music conferences, and what you might have learned or gain from them- as requested by Derek a couple weeks back. Out the the 60+ he was only able to use around 20 of them and there was a lot of editing he had to do. I’ll just bet he was great up on that stage and shared a lot of powerful information.Once again, Mr Sivers is out there making a difference for musicians and artists around the globe! We’ll let you know as soon as we have more info from Derek’s experience at the 2010 SXSW. Artist of the Month

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I would like to invite you all to read our long-awaited interview with amazing Croatian guitarist, songwriter Dario Plevnik. His music is powerful, yet subtle and he invites you inside the world of a beautiful country, once war-torn and now thriving with art, music and an incredible folk-life.